Chapter 272

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Clothes, underwear, and Heroes.
After enjoying Dirk’s fashion show, I made a suggestion to the auntie. Whether I could have matching dress of the same design? For example, make the bottom of the ao dai a skirt with a panier to make it fuller…

“That’s a wonderful design idea, Ojousama!”

The squirel auntie’s eyes sparkled as she sewed it up at a tremendous speed.



“Yeah! Kaachan is the best seamstress in the area!”

Her sewing technique included a type of magic used in Wolfanean common clothes, so that they wouldn’t get torn even when fully Beastified. Incidentally, these kinds of clothes are rare in Christia.

“Waaah… Dirk, since I have the opportunity, I would like to wear matching clothes with you. Obasama, I would also like a more casual-style dress.”

I noted down the design again and the auntie started sewing. As if by magic, the clothes were made in the blink of an eye.

A Chinese dress-like dress with a blue rose motif on white background. People don’t often show their legs in Christia, so I deliberately made the slit a separate piece of fabric and used panier to make it a little fluffier, and placed a green ribbon around the waist. It was white, but Kaikokko’s fabric was said to be a translucent material. It stretches well and is comfortable to wear.
Dirk’s dress was black with a blue rose motif, in the style of a Chinese hanfu. He was wearing a green wrapped cloth around his waist. It was sleeveless, so his strong arms were in full view. I was told that our clothes had been sewn to be cooler for summer, and it was certainly cool and comfortable.

I had some more matching Wolfanean taste dresses tailored for me and Dirk that we could use for the evening parties, but when I tried to pay for my clothes, I was refused.

“This served as an incredible inspiration, Ojousama! These designs will be popular! Therefore, there’s no need for payment!”

The auntie’s eyes were sparkling. She wants to sell these… huh.

“I have a proposal for you then, Obasama.”



The auntie looked at another drawing I handed, and she tilted her head.

“This is?”

“Victory underwear.”

“What are you fighting?”

The squirrel boy interjected.

“To tempt a pair mate at the right moment is a battle in a way! Kaikokko is a top-grade cloth, and it has a good texture and elasticity. It is suitable for luxury underwear. It is in demand by nobles and high-class harlots. This type of underwear design is becoming popular in Christia, but there is no cloth as good as Kaikokko in circulation. Moreover, it is free size and can be worn by anyone. This will definitely sell. If you want, I can sign a contract and act as an intermediary.


Rays of light seemed to be coming out of her eyes. The auntie brought the cloth from the back and started sewing at high speed.

“How is it!?”

“Wonderful! Do you have any other design ideas… Dirk, what are your preferences?”

“……… We, will, wait, outside.”

Dirk carried the squirrel boy in one hand while he turned red and clatteringly walked out. This was still the normal kind, you know? But while Dirk was out, we also designed a large amount of so-called sexy underwear.

Auntie is going to sign a contract with me. Yay! I get to buy all the Kaikokko clothes I want! Ten percent of the profit goes to me. The rest goes to the auntie. Fu, fu, fu. They are going to sell well!

After the business meeting was over, I went outside and found a lot of hoodlums. And a frightened family of squirrels.

“How dare you humiliate me earlier!”


It was the frog from before, but angry. No, I didn’t do anything?

“… You just got scared of my fiancé’s anger and made a mess of yourself, didn’t you? Your resentment is unjustified. Not that I care, though.”

I spat back at him. Being able to speak in a monotone is one of my good points.

“Save me~ Wolfanea Mask!!”

“Hahahahaha! Wolfanea Mask is here!!”


“Oh my…”

A strongman (old man) wearing a Wolf mask appeared out of nowhere. Wolfanea Mask jumped down from a rooftop. Come out normally, Wolfanea Mask (old man).

“Save me~ Wolfanea Shadow!!”

“It is my destiny to live in the shadows… and to strike down evil! Wolfanea Shadow!!”

“Wow! So cool!!”

“Oh myy…”

You are a little shy, aren’t you, Wolfanea Shadow? Now, my heroes quickly took care of the hoodlums. There are not many people who can compete with the enhanced heroes in the first place. They didn’t exactly tear them up, but they were throwing them around. Wolfanea Shadow was following up to make sure the rotten things didn’t hit others or break things. Quite a duo, actually.

“I will hand them over to the knights.”

I think you are the ones who should be worried. What if you get arrested?

“Good luck~”

“… Why did he transform?”

“He’s a celebrity in a way, so… he probably wanted to use it.”


Dirk was dumbfounded.

“Wow~! Amazing~! Wolfanea Mask is so cool!”

“Wolfanea Mask!”

“Good job, Wolfanea Mask!!”

The squirrel boy, the neighborhood kids, and onlookers cheered on. Wolfanea Shadow is pretty timid, so cheer for Wolfanea Shadow as well, please.

“Thanks to Wolfanea Shadow, there’s zero damage! Thank you.”


“Yes, thanks to you, the store is safe. Thank you for rescuing us.”

“There’s no need to thank me. Fa… Wolfanea Mask! Let’s go hand them over to the knights!”

Wolfanea Mask placed down the many children that climbed on him, got a rope from a neighbor, and dragged the hoodlums and the frog away.

Thank you, Wolfanea Mask! Thank you, Wolfanea Shadow! I won’t forget what you guys did for a few minutes!

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