Chapter 271.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Shopping date.
“You know… I was looking forward to today’s date.”

N? Dirk’s state…

“My cute, adorable fiancée asked me out on a date because she wanted to monopolize me… even though I was this happy to go on a date, you had to pour dirty water…”

Ooof… the robust legs seemed to gave up in the presence of an overwhelmingly strong warrior. The frog shopkeeper is probably incontinent. The terrifying killing intent so strong that even I had trouble breathing…… made unexpectedly my heart flutter.

No, you see? I didn’t know he was looking forward to the date with me this much!


I hugged Dirk’s waist and rubbed my cheek against his back.

“Wait a moment, Rosarin. I will deal with this guy first.”

Yep, I’m not going to let go (agitated).
This is where I should do my best to restrain him.

“No way. You are only mine today. I won’t wait. I take priority! Look after me! I was also looking forward to today’s date, you know? I have been carefully choosing my clothes since yesterday, I had my skin care done, and even my hair curled…”

Dirk dropped to his knees.

“My fiancée is so cute it hurts! The hell!?”

The effect was superb.

“Alright, let’s go?”

When I tilted my head and withdrew my hands, Dirk obediently followed after me.



“… We~l… come.”

After we left the store outside, we met the squirrel boy who had been selling at the stall earlier.


Anyway, I greeted him.

“… Did you perhaps come because you were worried about us?”

“I, I was not! T, those guys were trying to force you into buying so I was just debating whether to call the knights or not!”

It seems that he was worried and wondering if he should call the knights. Dirk smiled wryly.


“Is your stall okay?”

“I left it on Neechan and came here.”

“This store did not suit my preferences. Do you know any other good stores? Your stall had some good stuff. I think the quality was top-notch.”

“Yeah! Kaachan’s cloth is the world’s best!”

The squirrel boy smiled and showed us to a store, where he said there were more things to buy than ribbons.

“How do I say this…”

Shabby. The glass was broken. I thought, “This is not going to attract any customers…” but when I entered the store, it was wonderful. The design, the quality of the fabric, the sewing… all of it was perfect. The delicate embroidery on the colorful, lustrous cloth… I was mesmerized.

“Dirk! Try this on! And this and that…”



“There’s more!?”

There is! I smiled at Dirk. Since I was happy, Dirk went obediently to try on the clothes.
Dirk looks great in the ao dai style outfit from Wolfanea that shows off his curves! It’s hard to choose between them all… should I just buy them all?

“Um… while the accessories are cheap, the clothes are pretty expensive, okay?”

The squirrel boy worried about my wallet. He’s a good boy.

“No problem! How about this and this?”

I pulled out some jewelry from my pouch. The amount would probably be enough to buy the clothes we had just tried on. The jewels were accepted by the shopkeeper, a plump squirrelly woman who seemed to be the owner of the store.

“That’s more than enough… still, you have a good eye Ojousama… I can’t believe you chose only the best in our store…”

“I have been looking at cloths a lot when my mother made clothes and dresses, so I think I have a discerning eye. The cloth, sewing, and design here are all first-rate without question.”

“Right!? Kaachan made all of it! Ain’t she amazing!”

The auntie smiled serenely as the squirrel boy praised her skills.

“Yes, that’s right… oh myyy goooood! Dirk, you look so cool! I love you! Please, marry me! Give me a hug right noow! So woderful!”

“Rosarin, calm down!!”

He was wearing ao dai, with fine gold embroidery on a black background. Because of the embroidered elasticity spell unique to Wolfanea, Wolfanea’s clothes are fundamentally free size. Aside from that, Dirk was just too handsome!
The squirrel boy was stunned by my tension, but I don’t care! I can’t help it, Dirk is ttoo wonderful!!

Dirk hugged me for now until I calmed down. And every time he changed his clothes, the tension would swing out of control, and the squirrel boy seemed to have gotten used to it, giving me a disappointed look. Despite some opposition from Dirk, I bought everything. Good shopping!! They all looked good on Dirk!

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