Chapter 285.2

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Unexpected reunion and princess carry.
“Let me put it this way: Thanks for helping us out earlier. I owe you one.”

“………… You are so kind.”

“How would that be!? This is purely transactional…”

“You could have just lent us your knights. He’s so kind, right~”


I agreed with Rabisha-chan. When we do this kind of teasing, we are in perfect sync. Moreover, both of them made it easier for me to ask for his help. Alphage-sama is very caring.

“I, I told you…!”

“Gyahahahahaha! How great~ Alphage is super troubled!”

“Cu, Curtis!”

“Oh? Are you taking it out on me? It doesn’t hurt at all.”

Alphage-sama was so cute as he punched Curtis. I’m not going to say anything because he will get mad if I do.


In the end, the knights accompanying Alphage-sama and Curtis accompanied left to protect the neighboring villages in case of emergency. The knights were reluctant to leave because they were supposed to be guarding Alphage-sama, but…

“Miss Rosarin, who almost single-handedly managed the Great Tsunami, Dirk-dono, who you could say was the strongest knight, and Geraldin-sama, the hero… Is there anyone among you who can outdo even one of them?”



What a persuasive force.



Even their whole bunch wouldn’t be able to beat us! The knights couldn’t argue with that. But please don’t say my name first. I’m a maiden, after all!

So it was decided that Alphage-sama and, as an added bonus, Curtis would participate. Jash decided to have a knight accompany us as a liaison with the knights just in case.



We walked for a while.

“… Do you want me to carry you?”

Geraldin-san was unusually caring. Alphage-sama seemed to be having a hard time. Mountain roads are tough.

“Carry me!”

“Ha, ha, ha. There you go~”


Geraldin-san picked up Jend with ease. Seeing the father and son get along so well was heartwarming. I spoke to Alphage-sama, who seemed to be at his limit.


“… Do you want a piggyback ride?”

“No need… rather… haah… why… are you fine, Miss Rosarin… haahhaah…”

“It’s because you train differently. Rosarin is also training to be a splendid adventurer, after all. Heave-ho.”

Curtis nonchalantly picked Alphage-sama over his shoulder.

“!? Let me down, Curtis!”

“Nope. You don’t want to be a hindrance if we fight, right? Let me carry you.”

“Guh…… sorry.”

“It’s fine. You are not used to walking, so you can’t help it. I could carry at least three of you, so don’t worry about it.”

“………… I see.”

They really get along, these two.

“Up you go.”


I got lifted by Dirk. In a princess carry. The dream of all maidens, has come true for me (confused).

“Dirk!? W, what!? Why carry me!?”

While panicked, Dirk whispered to my ear. No, not the ears………

“… I wanted to care for you…”

It was a faint murmur, but I heard it clearly.




To be honest, it made me feel hot.




Please praise me for not screaming. I don’t know what to do with this urge…!

“I love that about you.”

“It makes me uncool…”

“No, I would be depressed if you didn’t care for me at all. I want to care for you too.”

“… Yeah. Ehehe.”

Dirk smiled happily. The paradise was here!! While being spoiled by Dirk, we were aiming for the top of the mountain. The air was not as clean as usual, but we continued on our way in a friendly atmosphere.

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