Chapter 252.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Rin’s and Kanata-san’s relationship.
In a wavering dream, for the first time in a long time, we saw each other in a dream.

“Even though we are always together, it feels like we haven’t seen each other in a while.”

“Indeed. It feels strange.”

Fufufu, Rosalia laughed. She had grown from a three-year-old to a seven-year-old.

“… Rin, aren’t you getting younger?”

I pulled out a mirror and peered into it. I was definitely getting younger. Am I around high school age?

“Yeah. Why?”

“Perhaps it’s because of the fusion.”

Darkness-sama appeared leisurely.

“I see. Darkness-sama, we will be counting on you tonight.”

“… Are you really doing it?”

“I’m a woman of my word! My motto is to return favors twice as much and grudges ten times as often!”

“Alright. I don’t mind. I will cooperate.”

“I’m off then.”

“Okay, please be careful. Darkness-sama, please take care of my other half.”

“Umu. You can leave it to me.”

Joining my hands with Darkness-sama, we crossed the dream.



“Heeh, so this is Kanata-san’s dream, huh.”

It’s the first time I’ve crossed into someone else’s dream. His dream was soft, with gentle colors. The floor was fluffy like a cloud and the sky was blue.

“Hmm, Kanata’s consciousness is over there. If you want to return or have any business, you can call for me.”

“Thank you, Darkness-sama. You have my gratitude, seriously!”

“Umu. I’m glad to be around you guys.”

Darkness-sama smiled foolishly and disappeared.


I ran over to Kanata-san.

“… Rin-chan? Rosarin-chan? What is it?”

“You can call me Rin. I was brought here by Darkness-sama dream crossing magic. I’d like to borrow your dream, can I?”

“Ah? I don’t mind, but why not use your own?”

“I’m worried about the effect it would have on Rosalia, so I thought I’d rather not use mine. Is God not here today?”

“Well, I think he should be h…”
“Yo, yo, good evening~ what a rare guest!”

The white, nonchalant God appeared.

“Kanata-san, please try to use the magic spell you have learned today. Your target is over here.”



“It’s fine, he’s a god, after all! Ah, do you need an example? Teiteiteiteitei!”

I threw flame arrows at the target.


“Wha! Hot!? That’s dangerous! Stop throwing flame arrows at people!”

“Looks like he can take more. In that case, teiteiteitei!!”

“There’s more!?”

Shiva was running away, I was throwing flame arrows, and Kanata-san was frozen. What a chaos.

“Now that I’ve shown you how it’s done, give it a try, Kanata-san.”

“As iiiiiifff!?”

He hit me with a harisen. The sound was loud but not painful.

“Why!? Don’t be so violent all of a sudden! You scared the hell out of me!”

“… Was the punishment alright?”

“You did not hit him, and honestly, I have been so annoyed with him coming over every night, so it was refreshing.”

“You guys are really cruel, you know!? I’m a God, you know!? Have a little more respect!”

Shiva complained. Well, maybe he was right, but I had no right to comply.

“I’m not an inhabitant of this world, so I have no obligation to comply. I am fulfilling my condition of helping Rosalia in exchange for not dying. There is no need to respect you. You yourself have insulted us.”


“A Beneficiary who only comforts!? Don’t bullshit me!! I’m not going to let Rosalia die! I’m going to survive together with her!”


“Kanata-san and I are the same, right? I’m a Beneficiary summoned to ease the pain of someone with an irreversible fate, right?”

“… I won’t deny that.”

The white god said bitterly.

“I’m going to oppose and resist this fate, and definitely become a wonderful grandmother with Rosalia, and we will die happy together by Dirk’s side!”

“… Well, that’s really unexpected. I don’t know whether it’s your intuition or you are just smart… you are just like her. Nothing works the way I want it to… fufufufu, ahahahaha! I really never get bored!”

“By the way, what would happen if God gets tortured in your dream?”

“Wait a moment! What are you trying to do!?”

“I mean, it is my dream after all, so please no splattering, okay?”

“No, I also hate splattering. I just want to make sure that if I inflict too much pain on him, your mind won’t weaken, and he will disappear.”

“I’m getting scared over here, though! But I think that torturing won’t make me disappear. Using too much of my divine power should, theoretically, make me disappear, though…”


I nodded and spoke to Kanata-san.

“Kanata-san, during the day, Rosalia… Rosarin taught you a magic spell that you had to learn no matter what, right?”

“Ah? Ou.”

We then talked in secret. What he heard what I told him, he gave me a look of utter dismay.

“………… You taught me that just because of something this stupid? However, to be honest, I don’t dislike it!”

“Wassup! Boss!”

“Lessgo, henchman!”

“A, a, aanikiii!!”


Shiva was confused by our unintelligible tension.
How nostalgic, this groove is. We don’t have muscles, but we’re striking muscle poses. We’re definitely idiots. No, no, that’s wrong. We’re on the same page!!
We’ve always been this way in the game. That’s why there’s no way we’ll ever fall in love. We are pure comrades. We are soulfriends!

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