Chapter 251

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Rosarin? Rosalia?
At any rate, we discussed Runark Online with Kanata-san as far as we both remembered. It seems that the initial map of Runark Online was Wolfanea. Kanata-san confirmed it. We also circled the areas of ruins where events occurred in Runark Online on the current map of Wolfanea. Most of them were dens of monsters, so Kanata-san couldn’t explore them on his own.
We could easily make it to the deepest part while protecting him. I wonder if we should go back after exploring?

The conversation became more and more chatty. Dirk’s caution seemed to have faded as he confirmed the words he didn’t understand. Maybe it was because he understood that in-game couples are only friends with a give-and-take relationship. His eyes sparkled as we talked about Rin’s former world. Well, as we gradually merged, Rin’s memories have gotten fuzzy, so maybe that’s why I didn’t talk too much about it.

I was curious about something while we were chatting, so I asked him about it.

“Which reminds me, why did you and Shushu-san fight earlier?”

“Ah~ we weren’t fighting. It’s just that I got fed up with my own inactivity. I can’t forgive myself for having fun on my own when Shushu was in pain and I didn’t know anything about it. I don’t blame him anymore for telling me that I was just a Beneficiary to comfort her, though.”

“… Huh?”

“I was angry when Shiva, that asshole, said that, but I knew that Shushu was a ghost in her current form in Runark Online, but I was afraid that if I said it out loud, it would come true… so, I guess I was unconsciously pretending not to see it. I tried my best to keep the farm in order so that everyone would have enough to eat, but it was no use. No matter how hard I tried, the plants kept dying…”



“Nothing is ever wasted! It’s amazing that you finished the chocolates! Everyone recognized your hard work! But I’m still a little curious, what was it? A Beneficiary that only comforts?”

“… I was initially called over only to comfort Shushu who was supposed to become a sacrifice for the sake of the world.”

“… Heeh.”

“Rosarin-san, you are making a terrifying expression, though?”

Dirk’s tail was wagging. It seems he sensed my anger.

“Fufufu… yeah. I guess so.”

I gave him a wicked smile. Then, I closed my eyelids and talked to my partner. My partner agreed with my idea. It’s been a while since I switched.

“… Kanata-san, I will teach you a spell.”

“… Rosarin… no, Rosalia?”


I, Rosalia, smiled at Dirk. We had almost merged, but then we were separated again, probably due to the meeting with a God. However, it was Dirk who noticed as soon as I switched with Rin.

“It’s just an assumption that you are powerless as a Beneficiary, Kanata-san. You have all the attributes and strong magical power, so you can become as strong as you want.”

“… I will be in your care.”

Kanata-san lowered his head to me.




Kanata-san was excellent. He had already been able to control his magical power due to his revelation, so when I taught him a few tricks, he quickly mastered the initial magic. Perhaps Beneficiaries are good at imagining things. I’m sure Kanata-san has a good imagination, because he’s cultivated his imagination through anime, manga and novels.


“Now, there is a spell that you must master today.”


“Please, do your best.”

“… What are you up to?”

Dirk looked dumbfounded, but that doesn’t stop us from loving him, does it?
Dirk was letting us do what we want because he understood our anger. He doesn’t seem to know what we are going to do, though. I don’t want to tell him, though, because I feel that he will stop us if he finds out.

Kanata-san is now able to use the magic I told him to learn, and he is also able to use chantless incantations. It seems that chantless magic is still too difficult, so the power is not optimal.

“… It’s shabby.”

Kanata-san was dejected by the small flame.

“No, even this flame can be used. Even the smallest spell… such as the one activated inside your body, can do a lot of damage to your enemies.”


“… Rosalia… no, Rosarin’s ideas are basically oblique, right? Well, no matter how much of a difference in ability she has against her opponent, Rosarin will always win a game she wants to win in an unexpected way.”


After that, Kanata-san practiced some more magic and became able to handle the beginner to intermediate level.
I was just about to give him a break when I felt a presence. Shushu-san was hiding. You know, you’re not hiding your nice tail, okay? You are so cute.

“Ufufu. Kanata-san, it’s not ideal to do everything at once. Shushu-san came to get you, so be sure to talk it through properly.”


“It’s probably just a mutual misunderstanding. Don’t worry, she will understand.”

“Thank you for everything. Excuse me.”

Kanata-san put his hand on my head and walked over to Shushu-san. I followed him with my eyes and talked to my partner.

(… How did it go?)

(Perfect~! What about you?)

(Smoothly. Anyhow, I had him properly master the necessary magic.)

“Erm… Rosalia? Rosarin? Which name do I address you?”

Dirk spoke to me, so I broke off the conversation in my mind.

“Use Rosarin, please. It’s our name, after all.”

“Okay, got it.”

Dirk took my hand and started walking. Rosarin had done this many times before, but it felt strange to walk while talking about many trivial things.

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