Chapter 252.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Rin’s and Kanata-san’s relationship.
“Eh? Eh?”

We began to harass Shiva, who was completely unable to keep up, breathlessly.

“”Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, KabaddiKabaddiKabaddiKabaddiKabaddiKabaddiKabaddi.””

Kanata-san and I used the magic of acceleration to perform a high-speed Kabaddi. Kanata-san also had a straight face. Way to go! Kanata-san!
Then we chanted back and forth around Shiva. Our breathing was synced perfectly! We kept on chanting Kabaddi in a non-breath like incantation.

“”Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, KabaddiKabaddiKabaddiKabaddiKabaddi.””

“Hey! Scary! You don’t make sense and move too fast on top of it! Scary! It’s even scarier because of your straight faces!! Nooo! Stoooop!!”

We surrounded Shiva and played Kabaddi with him for a while. I forgave him when he started crying seriously.


We high-fived each other in a happy mood.

“You guys aren’t really twins or something, right!? Even your breathing was synced!!”

“”Nah, we are just soulfriends.””

“You get along well!”

“”We won’t deny that.””

“Stop being in sync already!”

“”No, we are not doing this on purpose.””

It’s really not on purpose. What an amazing synchronization rate. Maybe it was because I was doing something so stupid that I was late in noticing the guy who showed up out of nowhere.


I was suddenly attacked from behind and I quickly carried Kanata-san over my shoulder to avoid the attack. As expected of a dream, it allowed me to move as well as Rosarin even though I’m just Rin. Or maybe it’s because we almost fused?


The muscular big fella who attacked us was the God of Martial Arts! I quickly pulled out my usual twin swords to fight back, but he was as strong as Geraldin-san! I think it’s a foul to be able to move that fast with a sword that huge!?

And before I knew it, there was also a sexy, dynamite, enviable beauty and a cool, glasses-wearing hottie. Who are you guys?

“Stop it, Slength!”

Kanata-san tried to stop him, but Slength-san didn’t seem to want to listen. It’s a dream, but his blows are so heavy. I’ve got my hands full dealing with it. Using magic, I created a distance.



I thought about it for a minute, but I don’t think I can win. Since I don’t feel like I can win, then it’s time to cheat! My opponent took me by surprise, so I’m also willing to play dirty!



“Improvisation Special Move! Rolling Shiva!”

“Eh!? Uwaaaaah!?”

Let me explain! What Rolling Shiva is! First, prepare the whip. Coil the whip around Shiva’s body. Then, you throw him at the enemy in the manner of a spinning top, an impromptu special move! Good boys must not imitate this!


Getting surpised by the special move, Slength-san threw his greatsword aside and caught Shiva. Yes! Both of his hands were now occupied, and he’s given up his weapon! I instantly went behind him and started to attack.

“Roar! My Golden Finger!! Secret move! TICKLING HELL!!”


“………!?…………!! Ah… aha… ahahahahaha!! Stop!? Ahahahahaha!! Hiyahahahahahaha!! Stoooahahahahahahaha!!”


Kanata-san was speechless. I squeezed lots of oohs and aahs out of him. Slength-san’s abdominal muscles were twitching from my technique, and he looked like he was in a pinch with tears and snot spraying all over his face. Whether you’re a warrior or an assassin, you can’t train this your body against this. If you are too focused on frontal attacking, tickling is an effective method.

“Oh my… Slength is laughing.”

“Umu. Is it going to rain tomorrow?”

The two mysterious people seemed to be dissapointed. And Shiva’s eyes rolled. He can’t help it, I physically turned them that way.+

“Hiyaahahahahaha!! Pleahahahaha!! Stooop!!”

“… Slength, will you stop attacking now?”

Slength-san nodded while crying.

“Rin-chan, he will stop, can you forgive him now? I will apologize in his stead.”

“It cannot be helped, then. I will forgive you considering Kanata-san, but… there won’t be a next time, alright?”

“…!! (Nodnod!)”

“And so, why did you attack me all of a sudden?”

“Ah~ is that so.”

“… His voice was too low, I didn’t hear anything.”

“He couldn’t but want to duel. Because he found a capable opponent.”

“I see. Then say it out loud first.”

“… He thought you would refuse if he asked. I look this… scary, he said.”

“Nah? Not really?”


There’s no way I’d be scared, thanks to the roughnecks I beat up at the Adventurer’s Guild who occasionally get tangled up with me.

“Rin-chan is not normal, after all…”

“What do you mean by that, bro.”

“Put your hand on a heart and think about it.”

“…… He’s packing some fine pecs!”

I put my hand on Slength-san’s chest.

“Don’t be sexually harassing a God so casually!”

I was spanked by Kanata-san with a harisen. No, they are quite fine, so I didn’t think about it.

“………… (blush).”

“Stop blushing! Are you a girl!?”

Slength-san was also scolded. I honestly apologize. But I was so tense. The muscles were amazing.

“Ah~ let’s have a duel another time.”

“……… (Nod, nod).”

This God might be cute. And, for some reason the other… except the white God, the disappointing man and woman were laughing so hard they were twitching, what happened to them?

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