Chapter 245

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Team communications & conjoining.
Ru’s Point of View
Anyhow, I received a message from Haru that all three teams have safely obtained the items they were looking for.
The one that was accomplished the fastest was the Queen Royal Jelly, then the Jewel Fruit, and lastly the Magical Power Eater’s leaf. Degree of difficulty = speed, I guess. In the case of the Queen Royal Jelly team, they even collected other materials.

“Ru, Kou. Everyone is about to return.”

“Yeah, we are also doing good. All that’s left is mixing in the remaining materials.”

The recipe that Darkness-sama provided was quite troublesome. It’s a good thing I’m studying Potions. They definitely don’t teach this in elementary school, right!? I interjected to myself in my mind several times, but it was useful! Stupid laboratory chief! I proceeded to mix the ingredients while talking to the non-existent genius problem-solver of the Magic Institute.

It was hard work.

Mincing, grinding, boiling, and straining… the process was super tedious. If it hadn’t been for Gator, I’m sure I would have sprained my wrists. The physically weak Tosaken was already out of the fight. I sent him to help out at the orphanage because he had blood blisters on his hands from too much grinding, and if he got blood in the mixture, we’d have to start over. I can handle healing magic, too, but I’ve never done it in tandem with potion mixing, so I sent him to the orphanage with his tail between his legs. Tomorrow, I’m going to give him a lot of muscle training and grinding to do.

Now, the contents of the pot were made exactly according to the recipe. The first time you make a potion, you wonder if you really did what you were supposed to do. All that was left to do was to put in the ingredients the teams had gathered and boil them together.

Is this really, seriously, okay like this?

“We are back~”

“Ru-kun, we brought it.”

“Hey!? Kuurin-chan!? You can’t handle an expensive Queen Bee nest like this!”

Gator’s face was also cramping. Is it really that expensive? Kuurin neatly split the Queen Bee’s nest in half. I added five tablespoons of the beautiful jade-like Queen Royal Jelly. I had enough for the potion, so I left the rest to Rabisha to collect.

“There’s plenty of honey too. Once Rosarin gets better, let have her make us pancakes with lots of honey. You all worked hard.”


“Can’t wait!”

Kuurin and Arisa were overjoyed.

“Rabisha, you are drooling.”

“Ha!? Niisan, use more indirect expressions to tell me! To make a lady lose face like this!”

“If you are a lady then don’t drool.”

I stirred the pot while listening to the comical banter between the Walse siblings, which was both amusing and not so amusing.

“Kou, weaken the flame a little. How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine. I’m weakening it.”

Thanks to Kou, the delicate heat levels were perfect.


“We have returned.”

Martha’s team returned. Since only juice of the Jewel Fruit was used, I asked Gator to squeeze a cup and add it to the pot.

“Ru, we worked hard.”

Gora-chan came over to my legs. I wanted to pat his head, but unfortunately, I had to continue stirring the pot.

“Yeah, you did well, Gora-chan.”


Gora-chan nodded with satisfaction. The other members were tasting the remainder of the Jewel Fruit. I also had a taste, and it was very sweet and refreshing. The texture was that of an apple.

“… That tree is carnivorous, so in other words, the nutrients in the fruit are… nono, I can’t think about it!”

Chita was saying something concerning, but I ignored him with all of my might. Some things are better left unknown.



“We have returned!”

“Go home.”

“Sorry! Here it is!”

Geraldin-san, who I didn’t want to bother me in the middle of cooking, came in and unconsciously told him to leave. As soon as I did, Jash placed down the materials they retrieved, and Cidar-kun and the others took the other members away without saying hello so that I could concentrate on cooking the potion. I thanked my friends for their thoughtfulness and concentrated on my work.


I’m definitely going to succeed!


“It’s done!”

I followed the recipe perfectly, but the result… looked like something I would never want to drink. I asked Darkness-sama, who was the only one who knew how it was done, and he said it was done correctly.


What are we going to do if Rosarin refuses to drink it… I could only feel uneasy, and I forced myself to bring this suspicious-looking medicine to Rosarin.

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