Chapter 246

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The good medicine is… black?
Ru’s Point of View
The finished potion was easier to drink if it was chilled, Darkness-sama said, so I had Miss Milfilia, who is good at water attributes, chill it for me.

“……… Are you really going to make Rosary drink this?”

“… Is this safe? It’s not like I’m doubting you Ru, but this…”

“……………… It will be fine, I want to think so too.”

“”Isn’t that not fine then!?””

Nevertheless, this medicine was full of everyone’s feelings. It will be fine! Believe in yourself, Rupert! I followed the recipe to the letter. I made it with care!
It’s kind of black, grossly bubbling all over the place, and it looks disgusting, but it’s okay! I think! Rosarin will drink it!


I knocked on the guest room where Rosarin was sleeping. She must have been still in pain, as she was leaning over Dirk and looking dazed. When I touched her forehead, I could feel that she still had a fever. Rosarin slowly opened her eyes.


“Here, everyone gathered ingredients for this. It’s a cure for magical power sickness.”

I handed her the potion in a bottle. The impact should be lesser than a glass. Dirk clearly frowned.

“… It’s kinda black and bubbly though, is this really alright?”

I averted my gaze. I had the same thoughts.

“I was faithful to the recipe I got from Darkness-sama. The process was super troublesome, but I did my best. Everyone helped to obtain the materials we were missing.”

“Ehhh… while I was fluffing Dirk!? I didn’t even notice!”

“Haru and the magic beasts made sure you wouldn’t notice.”

“Is that why the magic beasts lined up to perform tricks?”

“… What were they doing!?”

“It was pretty cool.”

From Dirk’s reaction, I guess they were a somewhat ordinary tricks.

“By the way, Shirayuki-kun the Snow Tiger was walking on a tightrope, and Kamimura-kun the Thunder Lizard was using lightning like fireworks. Water Spider Mizuki-san did tricks with water, Crystal Rabbit Krys-kun ate a carrot quickly, and Hojo-kun the Windhawk combined wind magic with a dance. Paralyzed Snake Mahiru-san had a series of molts, but I don’t think she had to risk her health like this.”

“… I see.”

The magic beasts also seemed to be desperate for Rosarin not to notice the absence of the spirits. It’s not like spirits couldn’t be at her side while she suffered from magical power sickness… no, it’s unnatural that they didn’t stay with her. Rosarin’s spirits love her very much, so even if they couldn’t get close to her, there was no reason for them to leave her side.

Rosarin stared sullenly at the potion, confirming the obvious.


“Niisama, what are the ingredients in this?”

“Here’s the recipe.”

Rosarin checked the recipe. She was calm at first, but her face started cramping little by little as she read on.

“There are terrible ingredients among those that weren’t in stock, though! Is everyone safe!? They went to get these!?”

Rosarin started to panic. The Magic Eater’s leaves were especially dangerous to get. She suddenly exclaimed in pain because she accidentally separated from Dirk. I patted her head and smiled to calm her down. You’re the one who’s taking the initiative to run into danger.

“Don’t worry, everyone is fine. The suffers cannot approach you while you are suffering from the magical power sickness, so how about you talk to them after you drink it?”

“Is that so?”

“When spirits get too close to a magical power sickness patient, their magical powers would respond to each other, causing the patient’s condition to get even worse. That’s why. Although you would get better if alone, they wanted to help you heal faster. They must hate the thought of leaving you to suffer in pain.”

“… Everyone.”

Tears spilled from Rosarin’s eyes.

“It’s not only the spirits. Miss Milfilia, Cidar-kun, Martha, Rabisha, Jash and Geraldin-san all cooperated. Gator and although only a little, Tosaken, contributed with the making of the medicine as well. Only a little, though.”

“Milfi!? Eh!? She didn’t go for the Magical Power Eater’s leaves, did she? Is she okay!?”

“She is, but…”

Now that I recall, I think she was in the Magical Power Eater team. Should I tell her?

“Niisama!? Your silence scares me!!”

“…… I think she was in the Magical Power Eater team.”


Rosarin shrieked. Crap, I shouldn’t have told her.

“Calm down, Rosarin! Miss Milfilia has the weapon you made, she surely wasn’t hurt, right?”

“… I did not see any external wounds on her. Quickly drink so you can get better and talk about it the spirits and Miss Milfilia.”

And then, Rosarin chugged the medicine. My little sister has quite the guts!?


She shouted. Why cola? And then, she magnificently choked.

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