Chapter 247

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The after-action report was full of surprises.
Apparently, while I was fluffing, rubbing, and fondling Dirk, everyone else went through a lot of trouble to get the ingredients for my medicine. My Elder brother showed me the recipe for the medicine, which was also a very complicated process.

The stuff in the medicine bottle tasted like something Rin was very familiar with.


And Cola was a drink that should not be drunk in one gulp. Dirk rubbed me as I choked profusely.

“Rosarin, how are you feeling?”

“Are you alright?”

I was feeling fine, as if I hadn’t been feeling sluggish and sick just a moment ago.

“I have recovered!”

I posed to show that I was healed, but my Elder brother looked with a bit of dejection.

“………… I’m glad.”

“It’s a bit unfortunate. I wanted to monopolize Rosarin for longer. I’m glad you are feeling well now, though.”


Dirk smiled bitterly. My heart throbbed.

“Leave the flirting for later.”

Elder brother smiled bitterly, too. Did he read my mind just now?

“Mama, are you healed!?”



“Rosarin-chan, are you okayy?”

Arisa, Kuurin, Kou, and Haku barged into the room vigorously. Arisa, Kuurin, and Kou clung to me. They must have endured a lot. I patted everyone’s heads. Haku was fidgety too, so I patted him as well. Our mister Mole is huge, but adorable.

“Thanks to all of you, I’m healed. Thank you.”

My body felt great. Moreover, the medicine tasted just fine. I smiled heartily, and everyone seemed happy.

“You see, Mama! Prase me, praise me!”

“We got lots of souvenirs!”

“We did our best……… gathering stuff.”

And Rabisha-chan, who was here before I knew it… looked sorrowful for some reason? She took a lot of materials out of the space-expanded bag. Oh, you’ve been collecting these while on the quest, huh.

“Wow, there so ma… haah!? Golden Matsutake, Miracle Fruitflower… they are all extremely rare materials, though!?”

“Praise me, praise me! Arisa found lots!”

“Y, yeah. That makes me happy. Thank you, Arisa.”

“… She had an amazing discovery rate.”

This is certainly incredible. This is my first time seeing a Rainbow Mushroom, you know?

“… Rosarin, I want this.”

My Elder brother wanted a few mushrooms and flowers.

“Arisa, do you mind if I share them with Niisama?”

“It was a souvenir for you Mama, so I don’t mind.”

Arisa is such a good girl!

“Arisa, how good of a girl are you!?”

“Kyaa, ufufu. I got praised!”

I patted her head and she got cheery.

“Thank you, Arisa.”

Being double-patted by Elder brother and me, she was even happier.

“Oneechan, look! I took down the bee nest just the way you taught me!”



“Land creatures need air and stuff…”


Technically, the same goes for underwater creatures, though. I heard that she trapped them in a sphere of water. I never thought she’d get this idea from our chat!

“As expected of Ojousama’s spirit. The bees were annihilated. I was just dutifully collecting materials! Things like intact Queen Bee stingers are rare!”

Rabisha-chan looked rather desperate. Yeah, rather than being a guard in this group, she was mainly a gatherer…

“I’m sorry, Rabisha-chan. But thank you very much for collecting all these for me.”

When I patted her head, Rabisha-chan’s mood returned.

“Rabi-chan was also amazing! She finished them in one blow!”

All of my children were amazing. My face cramped up a little, but I had to thank them.

“Since we now have a lot of honey, I will make you something delicious as a reward.”

“””Pancakes with lots of honey sounds good!!”””

The girls’ eyes were sparkling. They certainly sounds delicious.

“Alright. Let’s have pancakes today.”

Yay! The girls cackling with joy were so cute. Just when I was feeling relaxed, a golden color jumped into my face.

“Rosarin! Praise me! I worked so hard! I was super scaaaared!!”


It’s rare for Chita to look so despaired.

“You also worked very hard, Chita. Thank you. You are admirable.”

When I patted him gently, Chita giggled.

“Chita worked hard for Rosarin. I also worked hard.”

Gora-chan in his mandragora form nudged me on my lap.

“Thank you, Gora-chan.”

When I patted him, a white flower sprouted on Gora-chan’s head. Does he bloom similarly to the cacti when happy?

“By the way, what were you scared of?”

“Martha, Haku, Gora, and the Jewel Fruit tree!”

“Most of them are your allies…”

“They got splattered! It was frightening!”

Martha’s fighting style is violent, Haku’s way of fighting is also unexpectedly manly… yeah, splat! It must have been tough on Chita, who had probably lived a rather peaceful life…

“Huh? Gora-chan, you are capable of splattering things?”

“I shouted.”


I nodded.


Even knowing that mandragora scream’s wouldn’t work on me, I find it scary. I get it.

“I get it. I’m scared of that too.”

“… There are things you are scared of, Rosarin?”

Chita is… no, everyone looked surprised. I have things I’m scared of too, you know. Things like apparitions, ghosts, and angry mother. I won’t say that one out loud, though.

“Speaking of scary things… that old man hero is afraid of Milfi, was it?”



Seriously, what happened out there.


I couldn’t imagine a Hero being scared of Milfi. I was determined to look for her.

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