Chapter 248.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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My best friend was too unpredictable.
I gave the girls team, Chita, Gora-chan, and Haku money to buy toppings for the pancakes. I might as well make gorgeous pancakes.

I carried Kou in my arms as we searched for Milfi.

“You know Oneechan, I helped Oniichan with the heat control and drying.”

“Thank you for your help, Kou.”

As I walked down the hallway together with Dirk while patting Kou in my arms, we came across Geraldin-san and Jash.

“Ojousama, how do you feel?”

“I’m feeling much better thanks to you. Thank you. I will make a pile of pancakes for you later.”

“I’m glad to see you doing better, Lord!”

My hair was ruffled by Geraldin-san and Jash scolded him for that. They are acting as usual. I knew it was just my imagination, I thought again. Then I felt like doing some mischief.

“Ah, it’s Milfi.”


The father and son quickly hid. Why!?

“Umm… what’s the matter?”

Dirk was flustered. Moreover, if you look closely, you could see that the Silver Wolf father and son had their tails between their legs. What? Are they seriously frightened of her?

“W, well…”

“I, it’s nothing.”

“By the way, Milfi is not around. I lied.”


Their reaction was exact. No, you don’t need to be this surprised.

“… Why are you that afraid of her?”

“Miss Milfilia defeated the Magical Power Eater mostly on her own. And quite brutally at that.”


That Milfi did!? No, there should be a reason for that!

“Milfi is not a girl who would do something cruel without a good reason. There must have been a reason for that, right?”

“The Magical Power Eater captured Cidar-kun and tormented him.”

“That makes sense! It can’t be helped, then! It wouldn’t be strange for the Magical Power Eater to get either bisected, quartered or frozen! No, keeping it alive to torment it would be a better choice! It’s bloodbath!”

I would naturally ruin whoever tried to eat my beloved darling.



The father and son pair froze in place with a delicate expression on their faces.

“Lord, we are all right now.”

“Yes, we have forgotten something important!”

“”Our Lord is much scarier when angry!””

“What do you mean by thaaat!?”

I scolded Geraldin-san and Jash thoroughly. Moreover, Geraldin-san was talking nonsense like forming a party with Milfi so I scolded him some more. Unlike me, Milfi is a genuine young noble lady… no, a princess. She’s not like me or Geraldin-san! What if she grows up in a strange direction! I scolded him.

Jash nodded over and over again in agreement. I pretended not to hear Dirk who smiled bitterly and muttered “Are two of you not growing in a strange direction together?”



“Ah, I smell Milfilia-chan¨s scent. Oneechan, that way.”

“Ohh, thank you, Kou.”

Milfi and Cidar-kun were bending over, looking at something.


Our eyes met. Rmm…

“This child is?”

“Magical Power Eater’s sapling.”

It was a small monster with arms, legs, eyes and tiny twin leaves.

“Erm, did you kidnap it?”

“Ki! Kiki!”

Oh, it seemed to be protesting. It was hitting me, but it didn’t hurt at all.

“As if! This and that happened, and the Magical Power Eater pushed it onto us.”

“That’s not it, the Magical Power Eater was deeply moved by the depths of Cidar-kun’s pockets, so it left the chief with you.”



“Oh my.”

“Haaaaaah!? You! Isn’t it different from what you said earlier!”

Cidar-kun shook with Sui, who appeared out of nowhere. I know how you feel.

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