Chapter 248.2

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My best friend was too unpredictable.
“Ahhahha. By the way, to be precise, the Magical Power Eater said ‘We are at your service. Please take our Chief with you as our representative.’”

“Heeeey!! You deliberately didn’t mention this before, right!”

“Well, I just found it amusing, so.”

Cidar-kun crumbled. What a nice smile Sui has. This prankster.

“Cidar-kun… sorry about my Sui.”


“… Congratulations on being the master of the Magical Power Eaters!”

“You too!? You are not sorry at all!”

I thought Cidar-kun would shake with me, but he only lightly tapped me. What a gentleman!

“I’ve been treated like a Saintess and a Divine priestess for so long, so I hope you savor the difficult feelings I’m feeling!”

“… Cidar-kun only adores heroes, I don’t think he wanted to be treated like one.”



The place fell silent with Milfi’s appropriate interjection.



“… You have it difficult.”

Cidar-kun patted me on my shoulder. Stop it, don’t look at me with pity in your eyes.

“Why are you sympathizing with me so fast!?”


Suit burst out loud laughing. Dirk was helping me calm down. I love you, Dirk. While being I pampered and rubbing my cheek against his, he seemed to be holding his mouth and enduring something.

“Rosarin, you are so cute…”

I wonder if Dirk is too simple. And I’m not sure what was so cute about that. After I recovered from the mental damage thanks to Dirk, I checked with Milfi.


“I heard you took down the Magical Power Eater almost single-handedly, are you okay? Are you hurt?”

Milfi replied with bashfulness.

“Yes, I’m not hurt. I was angry because Cidar-kun was hurting… Rosary, you told me before, right? That even if the armor is hard, the inside is fragile. I remember you talking about a case where the outside armor was so strong that it destroyed the inside, so I applied it.”

“O… oof.”

“I deliberately made it absorb my magical power, and before it could convert it, I made it freeze with magic and planned to shred it from the inside.”

“… Rosarin, your idle chatting gave Kuurin a hint too, didn’t it?”

“……… It’s just your imagination!”

“Yes, I was able to defeat it thanks to you. Thank you, Rosary.”

“It’s just your imagination! I mean, I should be the one thanking you! Milfi, you saved their lives, thank you.”

“You are welcome. I was also able to save Cidar-kun thanks to you. Thank you.”

“Yeah! It’s just your imagination!… Huh? Didn’t your bangle changed shape, Milfi?”

“Eh? Oh my… it did.”

Milfi’s bangle was a design of leaves and stems intertwined around a lotus flower. The color of the flower has become even bluer, and the center of the flower has changed to a pink gradient. There was also a new pattern of small petals floating around it.
I did a bit of research.

“It seems to be the result of the bangle being completely in tune with Milfi.”

“Oh my… fufu, let’s keep getting along.”

I’d like to think it was just my imagination that the bangle seems to have glowed softly. I’m sure nothing like “Milfiliaaa!” won’t come out of it! Probably.

“Ah! Is it true that you’re going to party up with our meathead hero!?”

“Yes. I want to become strong enough to be worthy of this bangle.”

“Why do I feel that you will be the world’s strongest magician when you become worthy of that bangle?”

Dirk joined in, but… I don’t think the bangle I made is that incredible… no, is it? It rivals Alphage-sama’s weapon in power.

Dirk, and Cidar-kun and I tried very hard to dissuade her from joining a party with the meathead hero, but Milfi’s determination was so firm that it was of no use.
It cannot be helped then, I’ll at least accompany Milfi when she goes. I’m not going to let her get hurt!

It’s another story that Milfi scolded me later, saying that it’s not a good way for her to train.

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