Chapter 249

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Pancake party and a surprising connection.
To express my gratitude to everyone, I have been frying pancakes for a while now.

Even though I cooked a lot of pancakes, everyone ate them in no time at all. Jash, Martha, and Dirk were helping me mix. It’s no longer necessary to use a frying pan, so I baked them by magic. I put them in a mold and cook 10 at once!

Everyone ate the pancakes with their favorite toppings. Honey, strawberries, bananas, kiwis, peaches, raspberries, chocolate, whipped cream, custard cream… everyone seemed to enjoy various combinations.

I finally had time to take a break, so I decided to thank everyone while enjoying my pancakes. The ones I haven’t thanked yet… I went to find Darkness-sama and Holy Beast-sama.

“Darkness-sama, Holy Beast-sama, thank you very much.”

“‘on’t mind ish.”

“Umu, we only did what we wanted.”

Holy Beast-sama, you are acting like a hamster. You both love sweets don’t you? I shouldn’t mind it… I think? I gently patted Darkness-sama’s head.

“It seems that the effects of meeting the god weren’t limited to magical power sickness.”

“… Ah~ I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright.”

“Umu. We are long-lived. Several more years or even decades is nothing for us. It’s enjoyable to be by your side even without giving you our divine protection.”

“… Thank you very much.”


As we were all enjoying the delicious pancakes, Kanata-san and friends arrived.

“Yo, you seem to be eating something delicious-looking.”

“If you don’t mind, have some too, Shushu-san.”

“Oh, I won’t hold back then.”

When I explained why this pancake party was held, Shushu-san fell apart.

“I can’t believe you were harvesting materials to save the Lord! I wish I was hereee!”

“Shushu-san, calm down!”

“It cannot be helped since you were busy with work, right? Just do your job.”

Andre-san was quick to interject. Kanata-san seemed to be in a daze.


I took a big breath.


My special loud three-octave sound exploded. The effect was great. Mainly for the Beastmen. I should have soundproofed the room so that it would only affect Kanata-san.

Shushu-san, Andre-san, and Kanata-san cowered.

“Ah~ sorry about that.”

“What are chu doing out of sudden!”


“Don’t tehe me! Haah… Rosarin-chan, this might be impolite, but won’t you sing a song?”

“Sing a song?”

“Ohh. Anything’s fine.”

“Haah, I don’t really mind.”

I decided to sing a song that was composed by a person who had the same handle name as Kanata-san in Rin’s past life.




Kanata-san rolled into a ball. Why.

Ah, he stood up.

“Rosarin-chan… no, so Rin-chan was my waifuuuu!!”

Waifu? I plan on being Dirk’s wife, though… oy! I was hugged by Kanata-san. I couldn’t think straight, but Rin’s memory offered a possibility.

“Ehh!? Kanata-san, have you perhaps used your real name!?”

“To think I would meet you in a place like this…”

“Let go of her.”

I felt a chill in the air. Dirk was angry. Shushu-san was teary-eyed. What to do. I feel this will be super tricky to explain.

“Anyway, let’s change places first?”




So, we gathered in a lounge.

It was very complicated to explain, but Rin and Kanata-san knew each other. Rin became friends with him through an online game, and they were husband and wife in the game. This was difficult to explain.

Rin also sang on a video site, and he wrote songs. We collaborated with each other once in a while, so we were friends who didn’t know each other directly.

Anyway, we somehow managed to explain things. There are no online games in this world, so it was very difficult to explain.

“To think I would be able to hear the Miracle Diva singing live… I’m totally moved! Moreover, it was the song I wrote!”

Kanata-san, calm down. Don’t grasp my hands. Dirk and Shushu-san’s jealousy will be difficult to deal with!

“Anyway! So me and him were a pseudo-couple, but our correct relationship was as just friends!!”


“Really! The only one I love is you, Dirk!”

“Ah~ you were talking about Dirk on the other side too.”

Geh! Kanata-san… that is unnecessary information!”

“Kanata-san, that was the game world’s ‘Dirk’ and thus it isn’t me, right?”

Nooooooo!? Dirk-sama’s wraaaath!?


Kanata-san who nodded his head was suddenly assaulted by Shushu-san.

“Kanata… right now… right now, I’m your numer one, right?”

“Huh? Ou. I love Shushu the most.”


“Gyaa! Hey, wait! Why are you undressing me!?”

I was also embraced by Dirk.

“You were hugged by Kanata-san earlier, so this is your punishment.”

“………… Yeah.”

I sang Donna Donna in my head while cheering Kanata-san on to keep up the good work!
I just want to say that the punishment was very intense…

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