Chapter 250.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Another game.
Dirk brought me to our guest room and pushed me down.

“Rosarin, is there something you’d like to say?”

“… Please be gentle.”

“… You are not going to resist? It was a long time ago, and aside from the hug, it was the guy’s fault.”

He held my hands as he spoke on top of me. No, resistance is futile, isn’t it? I don’t feel like I can win. And I don’t even want to resist in the first place.

“Rather than see you make a teary-eyed face, I better let you do as you please. I’m yours anyway. Well… I’m glad you are jealous… it let me know that you really love me…”


He hugged me a little tighter. Well, it’s a difficult to explain. It would be difficult to understand what being a ‘waifu’ in a game is.
Huh? That game’s name… the temperature dropped immediately. NPC, mob character… why didn’t I remember earlier!? It was connected! Shit, I don’t know if it’s because I got into the Otome game later, but my impressions of it are faint!


Dirk clung to me. I wanna say it’s just my imagination, but… there are no coincidences such as this.

“Dirk, you might dislike it, but I have to talk to Kanata-san. We need to talk about the future…”

I tried to get up, but my shoulders were pushed, and I returned to my earlier position.

“Not yet. You haven’t been punished yet, right?”

“… Oof.”

Damn it. These are the eyes of a cat… no, a panther, who wants to torment its prey. How is he going to punish me? I don’t feel good about this.
I felt a stinging pain in my neck. It’s not a big deal, but is it what they call a hickey?


He stroked my neck.

“I’m glad, it turned out well. Rosarin, I will make lots of these on your neck, Rosarin.”

“… Eh?”

“Humans don’t have a good sense of smell, so they can’t sense the markings, but they can see them, so people can recognize that you are already mine, no?”

Hmm… Mr. Dirk went mad!! Eh? You were in the dejected mode earlier, right? When was your switch was turned uppppp!?





Yeah, it was terrible. I had it terrible. Dense markings + hickeys on my neck… I even have a bite mark. What kind of shame play would this be if I healed it?

Kanata-san, whom I met again, was in a similar situation. His bite marks looked more painful than mine, though.

“… Somehow, sorry.”

“No… I understand you meant no harm. I would like to clear out the room and talk to you again. We should compare our information. Shushu-san, we will borrow a room. Dirk should be present.”

“Drik too?”

“Yes. It’s for the mate jealousy prevention… like I said before, he knows about the ‘game’.ů

“… I see.”

“Kanata, me too…”

“Shushu, you have things you hide from me too, right? You were going to die without telling me, right? As a punishment, go do your work. I don’t want you to hear this.”


“… Ojousama, it cannot be helped. Please return to your work.”

Shusuh-san is pitiful, but this is a problem between the two of them. Kanata-san saw off the teary-eyed Shushu-san.

So we were in the reception room again, but I was sitting on Dirk’s lap. He’s totally wary of you, Kanata-san. Let me cast a soundproofing barrier just in case…

Huh? It hit something. When I opened the door, Shushu-san stood there.

“Shushu, work.”

“B, but!”

“You can’t.”


“I told you so, didn’t I?”

No, you are not convincing, Andre-san. You were ready to eavesdrop with that cup, weren’t you?

“Shushu-san, Kanata-san and I need to talk about Gods and the future. We will tell you the important stuff later. Please bear with it for now. You can now understand how bad he felt when you didn’t tell him about your situation by comparing it to what you feel now, right? So please bear with it for now.”

“… Understood. I will abide by your words, Lord.”

This time, Shushu-san seemed to go straight to work. I activated the soundproofing barrier.

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