Chapter 244.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Team Magical Power Eater’s Leaf.
Darkness-sama’s Point of View
The Magical Power Eater trapped Cidar in a cage on its belly and punctured him from the inside with a thorn.


I know we have to quickly help him out, but… right! Let’s have Milfilia strengthen the meathead Hero… the moment I thought such, I noticed something unusual


A sudden drop in temperature. An overwhelming cold that even a spirit with no physical body like myself felt… well, it was a sudden outburst of water magical power.


Milfilia laughed. However, her eyes were full of anger.

Milfilia walked slowly forward. Magical Power Eater should be smitten by the intense magical power, but it was stunned by the abnormality before its eyes.

Milfilia then touched the Magical Power Eater.

“You want magical power, right? Have as much as you like.”


Magical Power Eater screamed when it inhaled Milfilia’s magical power.

“My, oh my, didn’t you want it? You have to finish your meals properly… by the way, you drink water as well, don’t you? I’m glad, it’s as I expected.”

Milfilia smiled. Scary. I have never seen such a scary smile in my life.


Greenery seemed to be scared too, shaking and clinging to me. Well, I’m scared too! Light was… looking fine, but his tail was hidden between his legs. Can’t blame him. The hands of the meathead Hero and Zash were also trembling. Their tails were between their legs as well.

“Ufufufufu, ahahahaha.”

According to Greenery, Milfilia was deliberately releasing her magical power and when the Magical Power Eater sucked it up, she would freeze the magical power inside the Magical Power Eater, causing it to get torn to shreds. It’s certainly gruesome!
And later, I heard that the bangle that was Milfilia’s weapon was essentially a magical power amplifier. The bracelet further enhanced the originally high magical power of Milfilia and enabled her to control it to a high degree.

“Kiiiiii! Kiiiiiii!”

The Magical Power Eater was at her mercy. When it tried to touch Milfilia, it would freeze… no, it cannot do that now either. It seems that it is difficult for it to move since Milfilia has lowered the temperature. What a fearful girl. Come to think of it, she’s a daughter of a Duke like Rosarin, isn’t she? Daughters of Dukes are horrible creatures, aren’t they! Even Rosarin is scary when she’s angry!

Milfilia was going to torment the Magical Power Eater to death, just like it planned to do with Cidar. While us, her companions, could do nothing but watch in horror, there was one person who tried to change the situation.

“Milfilia! Stop it!”

Cidar shouted from inside the cage. However, Milfilia wasn’t listening.

“No way! I will make it suffer!

“Open up, Magical Power Eater! I will do something about it! I don’t want to die, and you don’ want to be killed either, right!”

The cage at the Magical Power Eater’s belly opened. It appears that Cidar came to a mutual understanding with the Magical Power Eater.
He ran from the cage to Milfilia and embraced her.

“Milfilia, don’t push yourself so much.”

“No way, no… I won’t forgive it for hurting you, Cidar-kun.”

“Milfilia… I’m sorry. My weakness made you sad.”

“Cidar-kun, it’s… it’s not your fault…”

Tears spilled from Milfilia’s eyes.

“Milfilia, you are so kind to me.”

Cidar wiped away Milfilia’s tears gently.

“Ugh~ you are the kind one, Cidar-kun…”


“Is that so? Have you calmed down?”

“……… Yes.”



Cidar pecked Milfilia’s cheek. Milfilia’s red face resembled a tomato.

“Ah, Cidar-kun! I will heal your wounds!”

“Oh~ thank you.”

Cidar’s wound was only a minor injury, so Milfilia closed it with healing magic in no time.

“Well then, Magical Power Eater. I will fix you up, so don’t attack us anymore. Milfilia will freeze you up again if you do.”

“Gi, giikiii!!”


“What is this about?”

I have no idea either. Greenery seemed to understand.

“These guys also withered because of the suspension of Wolfanea’s Yggdrasil, and this guy is the last one of them.”

Cidar said that since the Yggdrasil of Wolfanea was suspended, the Magical Power Eaters were unable to obtain mana from the earth, but even if they over hunted, they would eventually run out. Therefore, this Magical Power Eaters was the only one left to look after the dormant seeds. When the mana returned, the Magical Power Eater needed nourishment for the seeds to grow.

“Magic works better than magical power, right?”

He healed the Magical Power Eater with a gentle greenery magic and caused a seed to sprout in the belly of the Magical Power Eater. The seeds became lovely, twin-leafed monsters.


Ki~ki~ it whirled around Cidar.

“Alright, that’s that. Ah, please give me your leaf to heal our friend.”

The Magical Power Eater filled Cidar’s both hands with young leaves.

“Is this many okay?”


The Magical Power Eater nodded. In addition, the Magical Power Eater handed Cidar one of its young saplings.


“Wow~ congrats~ This child is going with you, it says~ I’m happy for you.”

Greenery conveyed in monotone.

“Hah!? Wait! don’t leave!”

However, the Magical Power Eater disappeared deep into the forest.


“……… What do we do, Cidar-kun.”

“………… We should raise it ourselves. My old man will be delighted.”

Cidar, who was very caring, could not abandon the young Magical Power Eater and brought it home.

And so, we have successfully obtained numerous Magical Power Eater’s leaves. We must heal Rosarin as soon as possible. We returned home while talking about our precious Rosarin.

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