Chapter 244.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Team Magical Power Eater’s Leaf.
Darkness-sama’s Point of View
Magical Power Eater is a plant-based monster of the strongest SSS-rank. The material we need is its leaves. It’s young leaves at that. The Magical Power Eater is the natural enemy of us, Spirits, that use magical power as our source of life, but if it’s for Rosarin, I’ll fight it. Moreover, its habitat is the Forest of Death, located northwest of Wolfanea. The only way for adventurers to enter the forest is to be at least S-rank.
Greenery is in charge of searching for the Magical Power Eater, then there’s the most essential me for combat together with Light, the meathead Hero, and Zash. Sheets and Milfillet will be providing support.

We made our way through the Forest of Death at a brisk pace. But were the Beastmen really this strong?
The meathead Hero is way too fast and strong. I’ve lived a long time, and I’ve never seen anyone as strong as this… other than Dirk. Come to think of it, Dirk is also bizarrely strong.

“Please stop it already! You damned old man!”

The meathead Hero’s companion… particularly, his child Zash, snapped at his quick pace. Rather, was there a need to throw a knife at him? The meathead Hero didn’t seem to mind, though.

“Umu, sorry.”

The meathead Hero means no harm, I think.

“I, I, I’m fine… really.”

“…………………… Sorry.”

Seeing the exhausted Milfillet, the meathead Hero apologized from the bottom of his heart. Milfillet is a noble lady so she does not have a single speck of stamina. Sheets seems fatigued too, but he’s not short of breath. He must have trained to a certain extent.


(Umu. Milfilia, Cidar, get on my back.)

Light suggested… so it was not Milfillet, but Milfilia, huh… she tilted her head.
That reminds me, you can’t hear Light’s voice without Spirit Sight. And that boy’s name was Cidar?

“You can get on Light’s back. He said it himself.”

“… Eh? But.”

“I also don’t mind carrying you.”

“Then, I…”

“You need both hands to use your weapon, right? I don’t mind taking you too.”

Cidar’s face cramped grandly. Why.

“…… I’m thankful for your care Darkness-sama and Cidar-kun, but please take care of me Holy Beast-sama.”


Milfilia climbed on top of Light and we resumed walking.

“Milfilia, why.”

Cidar seemed displeased.

“G, getting carried is embarrassing no matter whether it’s my b-b-beloved or some other adult gentlemen!”

Milfilia’s face turned red.

“Pardon me, I was not considerate enough. Excuse my rudeness.”

“No, thank you for your concern.”

Milfilia is quite a polite human.

“Mu! Oryaaah!”

The meathead Hero encountered another enemy.


As a result of Light becoming her legs, Milfilia became a very good archer. She was able to follow the movements of the meathead Hero and shoot without wasting time. She seems to have completely predicted the unusual speed and unpredictable movements of the meathead Hero. She has an amazing potential. When I asked her later, she said that Dirk was faster and more unpredictable than the meathead Hero.

“Wonderful job! Lord’s friend!”


The meathead Hero ruffled Milfilia’s hair.

“Kyaa!? I, I’m Milfilia. It’s my honor.”

“Umu! How about forming a party with me? I will welcome you warmly!”

There, Zash struck the meathead Hero’s head.

“Listen, okay!? Milfilia Ojousama over here, is a daughter of Duke! Unlike our Ojousama, she doesn’t go subjugating monsters for fun! She’s completely different from our Ojousama!”

Zash, why are you bringing my Rosarin down so much? As I recall, Milfilia and Rosarin are of equal status.

“… No, I will take your word for it.”


“I’m lacking too much in combat experience. I have to become a human worthy of this weapon.”

Her dignity is beautiful. To think she was truly a noble girl. She’s pure and virtuous. Her soul shines differently from Rosarin’s.

“That’s the spirit! I will make you a full-fledged adventurer within a year!”

“I’m begging you, don’t slant Milfilia-sama’s growth in a strange direction!”

The diligent Zash’s sorrowful shout echoed around.




In the end, Cidar also decided to ride on Light with Milfilia. He was reluctant to do so, but I convinced him that he won’t have any physical strength in time of need.

“… It’s close! Everyone, be careful!!”

At the same time as Greenery’s shout, the Magic Eater appeared. It’s a monster in the form of a giant tree. It’s agile despite its huge size, and catches its prey and sucks its magical power.

Zash and the meathead Hero fought, but were unable to deal serious damage because of its gigantic size.
I also fought, but on top of not being able to too close, it was hard to concentrate on because its branches and roots would target me.


“Yes! Touch of Awakening!”

Milfilia who possessed that Revelation kissed Cidar whose magical power got strengthened and he challenged the Magical Power Eater.



The trunk was severely chipped by the blow from Cidar’s staff. I’m not sure if it’s him or Milfilia’s Revelation that’s outrageous. Then, the surrounding trees started to join him. The trees were protecting him and entangling the Magical Power Eater to limit its movements.

“Uwah… incredible…”

Greenery’s face was also cramping. What fearful children they are.

“Wah! Yaah!”

About half of its trunk was chipped, but the Magical Power Eater wasn’t done yet. I aimed for the wound Cidar opened, but the Magical Power Eater was still struggling.

“!? Crap… whoaaaahh!”

It appears that the effects of Milfilia’s Revelation ran out. I let my guard down for a moment and Cidar got captured by the Magical Power Eater.


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