Chapter 322.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Promise and focus on the future.
“… Rosarin.”


“This tree is?”

“Isn’t it a nice treehouse? There’s a trampoline inside. You can play with our children later until you run out of energy.”

“… That’s one splendid Yggdrasil… that is Yggdrasil, right?”

“Yeah. It’s a good child, you know~ Look, it’s so delighted to see us, its flowers started blooming.”

“Yeah, yeah. It drops its fruit when you are thirsty.”


“I, I see.”

Even the quintessential former Director was pulling a face. Ernst was frozen in place once again.

“Yggdrasil-san, I would like to make the stuff on this blueprint, would you please share some of your branches for material…”

The quality would be a bit low, but I was planning to synthesize the unwanted branches and leaves into planks. Yggdrasil-san dexterously picked up the blueprint with his root. The root then wrapped around my wrist.

(Sure, give me magic power, please.)

“Ah, yes.”

I sent magic power through my wrist, I glanced over and saw that my brother was also sending magic power. Another bunch of roots swelled up and became like a dome. Give me an image, it said, and I recalled the exact dimensions. I probably shouldn’t have thought of another large passenger plane. So I thought of unnecessary things.



Two Yggdrasil-made airplane-like aircrafts were made.




“Rosarin! Hey!”

“I’m sorry, it was an impulse! I just had a thought that I wanted to build it sooner or later!”

My brother scolded me immediately. Ernst was still at a standstill. The former Director was checking the cabin with great delight. For now, we decided to finish the smaller one first and the larger one at a later date.

Work then proceeded at a rapid pace. With Pocchi’s help, the fuselage was decorated with a beautiful red and feather pattern.

“Pochi, you are a genius painter!”

“It’s wonderful, Pocchi!”


Pocchi looked delighted by our patting attack. But really, what a beautiful airplane… or should it be called a Aircraft Magic Tool?

Ernst and I laid out Mithril alloy on the inside to increase the efficiency of the formula and magic power transmission inside, and installed magic stones. We set up the seats and interior and then……

“It’s done!!”


Ernst and I clapped hands. Ernst was in tears.

“It’s too early to cry. We have to let it fly first.”


The Aircraft Magic Tool seats six people. Ernst in the cockpit, me in the sub-seat, the former Director, my brother, Pochi, and Jend, who happened to be visiting Yggdrasil to play.

The Aircraft Magic Tool took off slowly… the test flight was uneventful. The test flight was fine, but when we took a chance and flew near the royal castle, the castle panicked… and I was called over later!


It will be a few more years before this Aircraft Magic Tool will be a leg that connects countries all over the world. It is a side note to say that Alphage-sama seemed to have been wanting to wield his diplomatic shrewdness over the royalty fee. I kinda feel sorry for the diplomats…

And Ernst was in the limelight as its developer… but he seemed to be annoyed that his job changed from a recluse to an outdoorsman. Is this good or bad… it’s better than a being a shut-in… I guess?
He seemed to be a good match for Jend in terms of ability, and they often go on material gathering trips as a team. It may be just a matter of time before they register as adventurers and form a party.

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