Chapter 322.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Promise and focus on the future.
Incidentally, the Director became the 1st lab researcher. Considering the scandals at the Magic Institute, he could have been fired, but he was spared because he is a genius at creating magic tools. He himself seemed to be enjoying making them.

“Devil child, what do you think about this?”

“Devil child, give me some advice.”

He kept bothering me and it was getting annoying. I quickly took refuge in Ernst’s room. The former Director is a pain in the ass.

“… N? What’s up, Rosarin?”

Ernst has become completely friendly.

“Ernst, I have a favor to ask you. Let’s move over… this is serious talk.”


Ernst and I went to the Director’s office and put up a soundproofing barrier, and it went ‘thud’. We found a man outside the room who seemed to be trying to eavesdrop.

“…………… What are you doing, Ex-director.”

“Ah, ahahahaha…… let me join you, please! I feel the presence of something amusing going on!”

I don’t know if it’s amusing, but it would certainly be something interesting for magic tool researchers. This former Director may be a chatterbox, but he is a genius as a researcher. Rather, I think I’m looking at the back of his head more than his face (because when I meet him, he gets down on his knees and all I see is his head).
I thought about it a little. Well, why not?

“… Not a word to anyone. Can you swear that? If you leak even a little, I will erase your memory.”

“… Yeah! I won’t say a word! I won’t tell, even if they torture me!”

I wondered why he looked so happy… and so, the former Director joined in.



What I want to do and what I will have to do to achieve it. Ernst is to be the last piece of that puzzle.
And what I would do to prepare for unforeseen circumstances and follow-up. I told them everything I could think of.



Stout-san exhaled. You are all white, okay? Are you alright? I’m sorry, I brought you on as Director for me… no, for us. You could never say no, and I’m sure you won’t.

“I have heard your story. Rosarin, I will remain as Director of the Magic Institute until I fulfill this task. I will certainly fulfill your wishes.”


“Thank you.”

“Rosarin, I will help you, too. It would be to my advantage to improve my abilities as a magician.”

“Yeah, thank you.”

“Yes, yes! I will do it, I will do it! What are we doing? Are we doing it now? I will do anything! This… I want to be a part of such a big project that will go down in the history of Magic Institute!”

“You seem to be having fun… well, I will give you detailed instructions later. You are a nimble, so there’s a chance I will have you moving from place to place around the world.”


For now, the serious discussion was over.


“What is it?”

“The magic tool of your dreams can be built if we can just get a hold of the fuselage, right?”

“… Well, yeah. Theoretically, yes.”

“Let’s make it, starting now.”

“Ou……………… hah!?”

“Yes, yees~! I wanna watch!”

You seem to be having a lot of fun, former Director. Well, I don’t mind. Ernst froze in place.

“Ask Ernst for more info.”

“I wanna watch! I wanna study by observing! Let me assist you!”

“Eh? Ah… I don’t mind.”

“Hiyafu~! Well, having resigned as Director brought so much fun! My research time increased, and every day is so stimulating.”

At any rate, I also need my brother’s cooperation, so I went to the 2nd lab to get him, and we moved to our house’s garden.

We have the magnificent Yggdrasil-san in our garden.

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