Chapter 321

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The road to rehabilitation.
I thought a lot about breaking… rehabilitating the Magic Institute in my own way, but I was… stuck. When I told Dirk I was stuck, my beloved took me out on a relaxing date.

I’m in love with him! No, I’m already all clingy for him, though. Today, too… I was stuck to him. Hau… my healing mofumofu…

Today, I was dressed in a princess outfit. Dirk was a butler.

“Pri… Princess, you should let go of me soon…”

“No. You gave me your word that I can mofu you as much as I want in exchange for not mofuing anyone else, Dirk”

“Ugh… you are so cute from above…”

Dirk was going to open his eyes to the M attribute. When I felt I had no choice but to move away, Dirk started to get greedy. What do you want me to do!?

In the end, I used all the time we had and defeated him with the way of mofumofu. Dirk collapsed after that… it can’t be helped!

While waiting for Dirk’s revival, I talked with Miss Butterfly.

“Miss Butterfly, you are also a merchant, right? What do you do if the craftsmen are fools who don’t meet deadlines?”

“Let’s see… no matter how skilled they are, I cancel my order. If the client wants to wait as long as they want, I will do it and extend the wait time, but… Basically, it’s useless to talk to idiots like that. Merchants are all about trust. I don’t use people I can’t trust.”

“… Hmm. If written language is unable to convey it to them, then… how about using sense of sight…… Miss Butterfly. I would like to introduce you to someone.”

“Oh meow, what is it? What is it~? You seem to be thinking something amusing.”

We both laughed. By the way, Dirk was sleeping on my lap.



I thought about it a lot. Knights have muscles in their brains, so I could carve rules into their bodies or push them around with force, but if I did that in the Magic Institute, it would be nothing more than abuse or mistreatment.
First of all, their thinking needs to be replaced. There is no doubt that the Director’s lackadaisical attitude has made things worse. The Director was rather happy to be demoted to a plain researcher because he would have more time for research. So, the Director became the…



“Well, I trust you because you are serious, can handle the paperwork, and I don’t have to worry about you betraying us anymore.”


Stout-san turned pink. Is he embarrassed…? Well, to be honest, there was no one else suitable for the job.
The first candidate, Hans-san, is a bit of a wimp and I want him to continue to watch over the 1st lab. The 2nd lab has my elder brother, and the top one seems to be a relatively decent person. The third candidate, Steph-san, is serious, can handle the paperwork properly, but he’s a follower kind of person, which is why he brought up Stout-san as the director.

In fact, the Director could have been a civil servant who specializes in administrative work, but unfortunately, there is no suitable person at the moment, so it is a temporary position until they return to our country in a couple of years. When I explained this to Stout-san, he agreed. When I jokingly asked him to return the debts the institute has, he laughed and agreed.

“… Understood.”



In addition, as a gift to each lab chief, we gave them a switch to help them. Some of the duties of the lab chiefs were changed, and they were asked to manage the schedules of the researchers. Miscellaneous duties were distributed fairly. For those who complained, the helping switch came into play.

Incidentally, the helper changes daily: Kurarin or Kuranosuke-san; Jend, Ordo, and Kou from the Wolfanea squadron. And Gora-chan. Sometimes they were the horror golems.


“Gyaaaaah!? I’m sorry! Please stop chasing meee!?”

It seems it was Gora-chan’s (perverted specs) turn today.

By the way, Kurarin and Kuranosuke-san used my magic tool to transform. Kurarin transformed into a magical girl and Kuranosuke-san into a proper samurai.

To make it even more visually appealing, we tried to create something cinematic. Miss Butterfly introduced me to a screenwriter who wrote scripts on the theme of “If you don’t write the paperwork, you’re in trouble” in mecha, squadron, science fiction genres. Personally, I think the “Wolfanea Squadron Rosarinjas! We are in big trouble if we don’t submit our papers!” was excellent.
To this, I added a video I created with my imagination. I wasn’t sure how effective it would be, but they were very excited.

I am not sure which one was more effective, but I was the one who was most surprised when… a month later, an astonishing figure of almost zero missed miscellaneous work and late submission of documents at the Magic Institute was the norm.

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