Chapter 320

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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It was super effective.
I knew that he probably wouldn’t even look at most of the documents when I turned them in. It was as I expected. The Director fell to his knees before me.

“Devil child.”

“Who’s a devil child?”

“I will apologize, so—”Refused.”


“Just do it right, that’s all. You have been neglecting your duty, and you haven’t been penalized for it.”

“Sobbing and weeping.”

“Stop the crocodile tears.”

“Demon! Devil child! Witch queen!”

“Wait! From whom have you heard the last one?”

“When I complained to a knight, he told me. Are you the Prime Minister’s spy?”

“I am the current Prime Minister’s daughter and his former secretary, so what?”



Rather, I didn’t hide my identity or anything, did I? I can’t blame him for not knowing who was the Prime Minister’s former secretary, but I have an elder brother, so he should at least know that I’m the his child!


And again, an idiot who hadn’t turned in his papers rushed into the Director’s office.


With a flick, the Director handed him a document. He’s used to it by now. How many people were there since I entered his office?

“T, this is…! Isn’t this terrible! I didn’t know about this!”

“Devil child, take care of it~”


“How do you do? My name is Rosarin Rosenberg. The Prime Minister has given me full authority over this matter.”

“Y, yeah?”

“You stated earlier that you were unaware of this document. This document has been distributed to all employees. I have asked your supervisor to confirm that you have read it. If that check was not completed, then your supervisor will be responsible. Please state your name, department, and supervisor.”

“… My name is Bangle, I’m from the 3rd lab, and my supervisor is Stout.”

“Alright. Then…”

A recorded video was shown. Stout-san was giving an explanation to Bangle-san, who was researching the project. When asked if he understood, he responded positively.


I grinned. Bangle-san turned pale.

“Yes, that’s an out! Please, take a leave!”

“Next time, make sure to read the documents properly, okay~”

At the Director’s signal, Shaka-san & Shaka-kun powered up… I combined them at the waist because Jend said it would be scarier if I joined them together, so people were chased by a golem that was really much scarier, and they ran away making strange noises.

“… How many people that makes?”

“About thirty?”

“T, tyranny!”

Bangle-san refuted with tears in his eyes. He’s got guts.

“Oh, no, I can’t help it. It’s a written order from the Prime Minister himself. I am just the middle-man, you know?”

“…… Goddaaarn iiiiit!!”

Bangle-san broke into a run.

“Haah… how many more will come?”

“It’s all because you are not doing things properly, Director. The top management, you, who should be in charge of policing the situation, has been negligent, no? You should have taken care of this, but you neglected his duties.”

“A good argument is the most painful thing to hear, isn’t it? And you take a lot after Ru, Devil child, don’t you?”


“I’m flattered by your compliment.”

I grinned. I might look a little like a Villainess. The document in question is one that was issued by order of the Prime Minister a few days ago.

(If you don’t submit your documents by the due date, or if you conduct experiments that cause damage to people or buildings without a request form, you will be cut off of your research funding.)

That’s the one. Everyone noticed it today, as it’s the day of the payment, and came rushing in. Ernst told me that the toughest thing for a researcher is to have their research funding cut.

It will take some time to get the results, but I think it will work. In the meantime, as a remedy, 5% of the research funds will be returned for every 10 submitted documents before the due date. The percentage cut based on the number of documents was okay, but the cut based on the extent of the damage was difficult to calculate, and I had some trouble with it. However, with the full support of the Prime Minister’s Office, I think we were able to implement the plan as quickly as possible.


“Tousama… no, Prime Minister-sama, I have brought you papers on behalf of the Knights Order.”

My father stared at my feet as he received the papers.

“… Rosarin.”


“That on the floor is?”

“A pitiful slave of love… it’s Tosaken.”

“… His coat is disheveled…”

“I heard he was experimented on for money. Sometimes there are victims like this, and I would like to do something about it as soon as possible.”

“… Alright. Tosaken, I will give you money, so you stop submitting your body for experiments.”

“… No… ugh… I’m resistant to poi… son… so… for her…”

“… I see.”

“Tousan, you mustn’t let him convince you!”

“Well, the Magic Institute’s negligence is intoreable.”

“We think it’s time to do something about it.”


With the support of the Prime Minister’s secretaries who were able, the discussion was held immediately.

“… By the way, isn’t that Beastman turning blue?”


“Ah… a dead grandma is waiting on the other side of the river…”

“Does Sanzu River exist in this world!? Don’t go, don’t cross the river! A, Arisaarisa-chan, Arisa-samaaa!!”



Somehow, the detoxification was completed in time.



“Ah, I have to write down the symptoms.”

“This stupid dog!”

When he came back to life, I kicked the stupid dog who started to write down his symptoms on a form.

“Kyain! I’m sorry!”

You almost died, how leisure you are! My father, the secretaries, and Arisa have all withdrew!

“It’s a miracle there haven’t been any deaths so far…”

The Prime Minister’s office got serious thanks to the stupid victim. By the way, the stupid dog is stupid, I went with him gift hunting, and he presented it to Mikelle. But…

“I can’t accept something this expensive.”

He was refused. I knew he would be. I told her what had happened because I felt sorry for him, and he was lectured by Mikelle with tears in her eyes.

It seems that Mikelle accepted the necklace as a gift in the end, and she wears it every day. That’s great. It’s a magic tool for protection, and it looks cute, but the price was not so cute.
Tosaken looked happy, looking at Mikelle. But I, elder brother, and Mikelle made him promise to not let himself be experimented on again.

Treasure your life!!

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