Chapter 319

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The real Magic Institute.
After discussions with the higher-ups, it was decided that Stout-san will be able to return to his home country after a few years. Wolfanea will provide us with their technology, such as their metal working techniques. So, Stout-san was going to be in exchange for that. The negotiations were settled in favor of Christia by quite a bit… and Jess, the negotiator, was looked wilted after it was over. Yes, it seems that after a long time, His Highness the Black-hearted Prince, has descended once again. Later, Pure White-sama bragged to me, “He was so cool!”


“It’s all thanks to you, Rosarin-sama…!”

Stout-san was bawling. I’m glad for you. It’s a few years later, but you can go home.

“… By the way, Rosarin-sama.”


Now that Stout-san was a chameleon, I could tell his emotions by the color of his face… but right now it was light blue. What? Is he afraid of me?

“Rosarin-sama, what do you think of my appearances?”


Like how you can extend your tongue? I feel that would be rude to say…

“Don’t you think it’s creepy or weird or—”Wait, wait! I’m not thinking that! What kind of self-deprecation is that! I only thought that you were charming, or that you couldn’t pull off a poker face, or that I would like to see you extend your tongue!”

I was so surprised that I spoke my mind, but he seemed satisfied and turned pink.
Later, when I learned that all of this was actually said by a human woman to him before, I was stumped and apologized. But I didn’t tell him that I thought that if there was a cockroach-like Beastmen… I couldn’t do it either.

Stout-san offered to apologize to the people at the Magic Institute who had broken free from the curse. I told him not to, that he still had to stay at the Magic Institute for a few more years, but he wouldn’t listen. The curse was placed in the hot and cold water creation magic tanks in the cafeteria, so if you drank the water, you would be cursed. Stout-san also explained that he was a Beastman and apologized.

“Chief! A water-soluble curse, that’s awesome! Are other people able of making use of it!?”

“Eh? Ah… I think so?”

“I’m full of ideas right now, I will like I will be on a roll! If I get stuck, will you curse me again?”


“Chief, you are changing colors so much! Can I have some of your skin?”

“… I, if it’s only a little.”

Stout-san was yellow. I was too surprised. I mean, you are going to give them your skin? The people at the Magic Institute are weird. No, some of them were scowling at Stout-san, but most of them were very interested in him. The people at the Magic Institute are weird.

After his apology, Stout-san was not being harassed, and he was working as usual in his chameleon form. I recently learned that his normal color was green.

Yes, the problem was not Stout-san.



At the lunchtime with Elder brother, Ernst, and Milfi. I decided to ask their opinion.

“Even though the curse was lifted, the paperwork didn’t improve.”


“I bet.”
“For sure.”

“… Is that so?”

“… That’s right, Milfi! Unlike the Knights, I can’t just use force on these guys!”

I hugged Milfi. Milfi patted my back. She seems to have changed her class from Tsundere to Angel.

“… Or rather, you used force on the Knights?”

“… I would set up a ‘game’ with the macho cacti, and every time there was something wrong with the paperwork…”

“What did you do!? Rosarin, what are you doing without me, seriously!?”

I was grabbed by the shoulders and shook around.

“Don’t worry, Niisama.”


“It was a total victory.”

“Stop looking so smuuuug!!”

I was scolded. I don’t get it.

“It can’t be helped. Rosarin, I will teach you a little something that will probably work.”

Ernst whispered to my ear.

“I see! Thank you, Ernst! Now that’s decided… I will be out for the afternoon! Please inform Hans-san for me!”

“… What about the Director?”

I shook my head at Ernst’s words.

“No. Although an idiot, the Director also want the deadlines to be met. I don’t think he would refuse.”

Compared to Knight’s Order, the documents of the Magic Institute are readable and less problematic. However, there are many people who do not meet submission deadlines or do not even submit their documents, and the management is very loose, with applications, surveys, etc. being mixed in.

On top of that…

“Uwaaah!? What’s this!”

“That’s Leighton-san, isn’t it?”

“… Probably.”

Shaka-san was sticking out from the building. The researchers at the Magic Institute, freed from their curse, were running amok as a result of their shackles being lifted. There were wonderful inventions, but there also were terrible failures. And the level of annoyance has increased dramatically, as they sought experimental subjects.

I don’t know how much we can improve, but now this is happening, all hands need to be on the deck! Let’s do something about it!!

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