Chapter 318

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Wolfanea digest.
When I told the Director that I’m going to talk about things on a national security level, he withdrew super quickly. That’s so resolute! He doesn’t like trouble!

I activated the visual recording magic tool I had prepared.

“This is an event that happened in Wolfanea from my point of view, alright?”

“Eh? Yeah.”


Then, an image floated in the air.

(Help me, Rosaemo~n.)

Oh, Jash collapsed. Sorry, was the playful prank in the beginning not good enough? Somehow, Stout-san’s color turned… surprised yellow?

(What is it, Jess.)

(My Father is ill. Yggdrasil is out of activity, too.)

(That is terrible. I will see what I can do.)

I consulted with my brother. He told me,

(… It sounds like a disease, or rather a poison from the symptoms you told me. Well, I won’t know until I see him.)

And so, my brother and I went to Wolfanea on a “school trip.” However, something terrible happened.

(It’s Great Tsunami!)

Yggdrasil’s suspension caused the Great Tsunami. Everyone worked together sto resolve the the catastrophy, and Yggdrasil came back to life.
Thanks to everyone’s efforts, Yggdrasil returned the green.

“… Ojousama.”

“… What?”

“I heard that most of the monsters were destroyed by your Valkyrie.”

“………… Kuh.”

When the video cut to actual footage, Jash’s face cramped and Stout-san turned white. The Rosariiin call is very loud.

“What have you done, Ojousamaaa!?”

“I gave an honest report, so don’t complain! I did my best and this is what happened! I was so nervous and surprised to see the Great Tsunami in front of me! And the death toll was an astounding zero! Why don’t you praise me instead!?”

“Ojousama, thank you so much! You are a genius!”

And, the Grand Meat Festival.

The attempted poisoning of the King and the case of the magical girl uncle.

“My family… I’m so sorry for my family.”

“… No, I don’t mind it. I’m glad His Majesty was feeling better.”

Jash started to cry. Well, I glanced at Stout-san, who was quiet… he was speckled with blue and yellow and his eyes were white.

“Uoooooi!? Are you okay!? No, you don’t seem okay at all!?”

“I’m okay… I… am okway☆”


Obviously, he was not okay ah! The mental shock of not knowing that Wolfanea was in danger of being destroyed was too much for the serious man, and he needed a short break.

“Sorry, please continue.”

He was still a blur of blue and white, but he said he was fine, so we continued.


Judas-sama was now able to leave the Sanctuary by means of the bracelet.

It was quiet, so I looked at Stout-san and saw him mumbling something with blue and white specks.


“It’s fine, I’m fine… everything must be fine.”

I thought he wasn’t okay, but the shocking video was gone now, so he should be okay…… I guess?

The solution to the food crisis in Wolfanea, the resurrection of the Rose of Light and the presence of the Evil. And the kabaddi.

“Ojousama, kabaddi is…”

“The sport of the Beneficiaries that made the God cry.”

“It’s a sport!?”


When I finished, I looked at Stout-san and he had gone completely white and was blowing bubbles.

“Stout-saaaan!? What!? What part of that was so shocking!? Live! Don’t dieee!!”

“Stout, now you understand, right?”

“Understand what!? I’m rather worried about the situation at home!”

“Ojousama is a person who should be Wolfanea’s top.”

“………… What?”

I froze. Eh? What?

“That’s right… I apologize, Rosarin-sama. For my many insults, I will pay with my li—”Don’t pay for it! Live! If you are going to atone, then live and work to pay me back!”

“How merciful you are… as expected of the Rose Saintess…”

“No, I’m normal! I’m super normal, okay! I think it’s normal to live on to atone for your sins!”

“I… how foolish was I… I nearly injured my Lord’s benefactor…”

“No, don’t worry about it, you couldn’t even call it an attempt yet…”

I saw a black haze on Stout-san’s body.

“… Chita.”


We easily exorcised the Evil. Maybe it was because we were away from Judas-sama, or maybe it was because Stout-san had a strong mentality, but the Evil seemed to have weakened considerably and disappeared easily.


Then, as Jash and Stout-san kneeled down, and I was in tears, Kuranosuke-san, not Kurarin, who had showed up before I knew it, offered me a helping hand.

“… Don’t trouble Jouchan too much. You may be charming men, but if you want to serve a Lord, you must improve yourselves first.”

“No, I don’t need any more servants! Stout-san serves Judas-sama already, okay!”

It sounded like a good argument, but it was full of points to be picky about. At any rate, Stout-san still agreed with me.

Also, Stout-san’s custody will be decided by a discussion among the higher ups. I guess my work is almost done after helping the Magic Institute and lifting the curse… I think.


P.S. Jash has been more dedicated than usual for a while. When I told him that I appreciated his hard work, he wagged his tail so much it looked like it was going to tear off. Cute, but don’t overdo it.

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