Chapter 317

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A very reasonable strategy.
Rosarin style, uncover.

  • Things to prepare:
  • Several suspects
  • A room of appropriate size
  • Desk and chairs
  • A locker for cleaning supplies
  • Horror-related tools (recycled)
  • Camera magic tool
  • Kurarin and vacuum cleaner magic tool
  • Ninja
  • Visual recording magic tool

That being the case, let’s start!

First, we set up 30 Mad Hand Golems under the desk in advance. Due to stealth magic, they were not visible from the outside.
The cleaning supplies locker was filled with Shaka-san and Shaka-kun. It was a small space, so they were tightly packed.

In addition, a magic device that looked like a surveillance camera was also installed. Fufufu, well, well, let’s start cooking.


A few suspects came in on schedule. The cursed were quietly doing their research. The two who were not cursed seemed restless. One of them… the 3rd Lab Chief, I believe, looked annoyed.

Here, I remotely controled the Mad Hand Golems. The command was simple: “Touch the nearest human being.” The Mad Hand Golem immediately touched Stout-san, the 3rd Lab’s Chief. Stout-san… probably thought it was a prank by the Director. When a Mad Hand Golem-san greeted him, he was super surprised. But I guess it wasn’t enough for him to untransform. So, either this was not enough or there was a culprit among the cursed people… I wonder which one it is.

However, the other researcher… was a super nice guy. He was desperately trying to protect the other researchers against the Mad Hand Golems that they thought might be monsters. However, it was Stout-san I was concerned about. He seemed to be confused about something.

Oh well, I ordered Shaka-san&Shaka-kun to “Hug the nearest human being.” The researcher screamed and fell down, and Stout-san’s figure began to crumble like clay.
Hmhp, was the culprit Stout-san, after all? A mutation Beastman of the Chameleon type. Unlike normal chameleons, this chameleon was capable of shape-shifting as well as pigmentation.

I was going to decide what to do with him after seeing his reaction this time. Yeah, I have decided.

So, I asked Kurarin to clean up the golem. Ahaha. He is surprised. Furthermore, I threatene… asked the Director to let the researchers out of the room. Eh? Threat…? What kind of threat, you ask? I said something like, “If the matter of this curse is found out, the budget of the Magic Institute will be cut drastically (big smile)…. I have already reported it to the Prime Minister (my Father), though… (laugh).

And when the researchers left, Stout-san tried to kill himself, as expected. Thank goodness it wasn’t some kind of poison that is hard to recognize. It would have been hard to tell if it was hidden in his teeth or something.

Our talented ninja, Jash, was pinning Stout-san’s arms behind his back. I had put Stealth magic on Jash just in case… I had forgotten his existence, too, so much so that I thought he wouldn’t have been found out even if I didn’t.
No, it was nice to flush him out, but he could have killed himself, so I placed Jash in the corner of the room… I won’t tell him this because it might hurt him… but his presence was seriously absent until he moved.

“L, let go of me!”

“… Stout.”

“……… Jasper-sama!?”


Stout-san (apparently, his real name is also Stout) noticed Jash.

“… I’m Jash now. Please listen to me. That is my uncle’s… His Highness Judas’ wish.”

He seemed to have given up resisting, but was glaring at Jash.

“Jash did not betray you. Rather, it was you who betrayed him.”


In fact, I made him betray them, but it’s better not to say anything unnecessary. However, considering Judas-sama’s own true intentions, which we found out later, Jash did not betray him. Stout-san seemed to have switched the target of his anger to me. Ahaha, you are really angry, aren’t you? I smiled with a smile to spare.

“Did you not think it was strange? That he, that kind man, would order you to do something that made you seem like a disponsable pawn?”


“Remember. Was ‘the last person you saw’ really ‘your Lord’? Didn’t you think it was strange? Does he really want war? Does he really wish for other people’s misfortune, even if they are from another country?”

Oh, he turned blue… and then white. I didn’t know any chameleon Beastmen before, but that’s amusing! He changes color like a litmus test paper! By the way, I heard that they turn red when angry, blue when sad, white for strong emotions, and pink when happy. By the way, I heard that from Judas-sama.

“… You… what do you know? Is that person safe?”


I was suddenly grabbed by the shoulder and shaken. Jash moved slightly to stop him, but a my look told him it was okay.

“Well, why don’t you see for yourself, how about it?”

I smiled at Stout-san.

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