Chapter 243

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Team Jewel Fruit.
Chita’s Point of View
I’ve only known Rosarin for a short time, but if it’s for her, I want to help her even if she is in a bit of danger.



But you know?



“I can’t concentrate in this situation, stupiiid!!”

Me, Gora, Haku, and Martha are the Jewel Fruit group. The Jewel Fruit has the attribute of light. Gora has a poison sub-attribute, which makes him unsuitable for exploration. That’s why he protects me with a poison barrier while I have no choice but to explore. In the first place, the Jewel Fruit itself is a thing that moves from place to place, looking for a place where the magical power is strong, so it is difficult to find.



No, wrong. That’s not that big of a deal.



There’s blood all around. I kind of knew that Martha was strong. Haku’s gap is too big, though. Scary! Super scaryyyy!! I saw something sent flying, though!? It splattered all over, though!? This mole was a carnivore! Physically!

“Do your best… it’s for Rosarin’s sake.”

“It’s also your fault that I can’t concentrate, alright!? Can’t you do a normal barrier!? This is too gross!”

This barrier is a disgusting kind that melts the enemy when they touch it, and it gets terrifying when the enemy targets us! No, even though they occasionally get into melee range, Martha finishes them with a throwing knife, but scary things are scary! Too scary!

“Sorry, it’s not like I can’t do it, but… it’s too fragile.”


I cried and cried, but somehow I managed to find the Jewel Fruit bearing tree anyway. But, move……… will you?

This is the Forest of No-return near Martha’s hometown in Christia. You apparently cannot enter unless you are at least an A-rank adventurer.

The reason for that is the exact situation we are currently in. When you defeat a monster, other monsters lured by the scent of blood will come at you one after another. There’s no end to it, no matter how many you defeat.

“Oi! I know where the Jewel Fruit is!”

“Which direction?”

“About 500 meters to the west!”

“I see. It’s time we get a bit serious then.”

“Indeed. Let’s clean this up.”


Eh? You were not serious yet? The two of them were amazing from then on. Is Martha really human? Haku is half beast, so it’s not hard to understand why he’s so monstrously strong, but Martha wielding a giant axe with ease was just too uncomfortable to watch. She was very happy that Rosarin made it for her, but Rosarin, you are an idiot! You just don’t give a dangerous person a deadly weapon!

The monsters were eradicated in no time at all. Well, that was incredible! And scaryyy!!

“However, how troubling. If we advance a little further, we’ll have to fight again.”

“Hmm~… it’s not impossible to defeat themm, but we might damage the Jewel Fruit tree in the process.”

“… Leave it to me. Chita, can you use sound and magical power isolating barrier?”

“Hm? I can.”

“Do it then.”

“What are you planning to do?”


I pulled Haku and Martha to me by reflex and put up the strongest barrier I could.



Immediately after, the barrier trembled.



“Oh my…”

“That was amazing, Gora-chann.”

Heaps of corpses all around… due to Gora’s… Mandragora’s ability, we encountered no enemies at all until we reached the Jewel Fruit tree. Everything was dead.

This is all so scary, I need someone I can cry and shout to… no, Rosarin! I will have Rosarin praise me! I will have her praise me lots! I was super scared! But, I worked really hard!

However, I screamed when I saw that the tree that bears the Jewel Fruit was a carnivore, and it was sucking all kinds of things from the corpses that Gora had killed. Collecting the fruit was no problem, but the enemies who heard my voice rushed over in no time.

“Ugh… I’m sorry.”

“No, it was reasonable. Rather, you worked very hard, Chita-sama.”

“That’s rightt, it’s thanks to you that we didn’t have to search the entire forestt.”

“You will eventually get used to the battlefield. You have worked hard.”

“You guys… thank you.”

Anyway, we got a lot of Jewel Fruits! On the way back, I pretended not to see Martha and the others collecting materials as a gift for Rosarin. I don’t even want to even see meat for a while!

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