Chapter 242

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Team Queen Royal Jelly.
Rabisha’s Point of View
What is Queen Royal Jelly, you might ask! It’s a highly nutritious jelly-like substance formed in the Queen Bee’s nest located in the Lost Forest in western Christia.

Since it’s relatively low in difficulty among the required materials, I, Rabisha, Arisa-chan, and Kuurin-chan were chosen to obtain it. Queen Bees build their nests in the vicinity of Sadomasochistic Flowers, so Arisa would search for them and we would hunt them.

“Rabi-chan! I found it!”

“Ohh, as expected of you, Arisa-chan. Let’s go, Kuurin-chan!”


I’d forgotten about it. Kuurin-chan is usually a cute little fish. However, she’s my Ojousama’s spirit. Although Ojousama is also strange in many ways, Ojousama’s spirits are all very strange.

When I was hunting for the Queen Bees with Ojousama previously, Ojousama let out an incomprehensible shout that went something like: “It was that kind of Queen!?” Which one is that kind? Are there different kinds of queens? When I asked, she said that there are some things in the world that are better left unknown. That’s exactly what’s happening right now!

Kuurin-chan wrapped up the whole nest in a storm of water. Only the outside was sealed with water so that the inside doesn’t get flooded.

“You see, Oneechan taught me this. That land animals need air to survive.”

I don’t get it… no, did she block the flow of air with the water storm? One after another, the Masochistic Soldier Bees fell out, drenched with water. So scary! This is a one-sided slaughter! A silent killer! What did you teach her, Ojousamaa!?


At last, the Sadistic Queen Bee emerged from her nest. I’m sure it’s her because of its distinctive appearances: a black bondage suit, a whip, and red high heels.




As soon as the Sadistic Queen Bee touched the wall of the water, she was captured by it, spun around, and drowned.




In the end, all I did was collect materials. Even though I also became a B-rank adventurer, this is strange, right? But it was a waste of money, so I did dismantle everything.

Still, I don’t know how much it would cost to sell an entire nest in such good condition… We had a little extra time, so Kuurin took care of three more nests.
Arisa-chan is Arisa-chan, so she was finding rare materials all over the place. Her collection alone was worth a fortune. She got enough to comfortably cover my study in abroad expenses.

I don’t exactly know why I came with them, but the results sublime… A, anyway, we got the Queen’s Royal Jelly!



Arisa’s Point of View
Right now, I’m with Rabi-chan and Kuu-chan, looking for ingredients for Mama’s medicine. Both Rabi-chan and Kuu-chan are amazing, you know!

Kuu-chan can kill all the bees by herself, and Rabi-chan can kill other monsters with her stinger in one blast. Rabi-chan’s weapon was made by Mama. The stinger was made from magic stones and magical power. It is usually in a tubular shape, and Rabi-chan said it’s an exceptional product since it could be made smaller. They’re both amazing! Arisa must work harder!

We also collected a lot of other materials together! We also got a souvenir for Mama. We all went back home laughing and hoping that Mama would be happy. I hope Mama gets well soon. I want her to praise me a lot. I’m going to get lots of compliments and hugs. Hehehe, I’m looking forward to it!

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