Chapter 241

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Because you are precious to me.
Darkness-sama’s Point of View
The first time we met was on the balcony of Rosenberg’s mansion. I am a strong spirit, so I was able to see the still young Rosalia.

“You look like the muun.”

Rosalia laughed when she saw me, whom everyone was afraid of. I decided that I would protect the child, after hearing these silly words of hers.

The child became Rosarin, and grew up in a rather… unexpected direction, but every day is fun. She is not afraid of my giant snake form, and she gives me heartfelt gifts. She smiles at me warmly and tells me kind words.

You don’t know, do you?

How much these words you casually say to me make me happy.




Rosarin is suffering from magical power motion sickness. A spirit like me shouldn’t get any closer to her when in that state. An unthinking god might want to see her, too.

I must protect my Little Lord (planned)! I must create a cure for magical power sickness! I gathered my friends to protect Rosarin.




The friends gathered quickly.

“I dislike you, but it’s for Rosarin’s sake.”

Greenery said. Me and this fellow are… that’s irrelevant for now. As the plant specialist, I will have him accompany me in the investigation team.

“Fumu, if it’s for Rosarin’s sake, so be it.”

Light is in the guard team. The materials are in the forest with many dangerous monsters. We’ll have to split up into several teams to explore the area, so guards are a must!

“Arisa will work hard!”

“Can’t be helped.”

“For Rosarin.”

The little spirits were also fully motivated. They are also part of the investigation team.


“I will do my bestt!”

Earth is a guard. This fellow is quite strong. I’m sure he will be able to extort all his power for Rosarin’s sake.

“Kuurin will do her best, too!”

Water is on guard duty as well. I’m glad she’s eager. This one is the daughter of the Water Spirit King, so she’s strong.

“There’s no choice then.”

“Yeah… everyone, please come back soon.”

Rosarin’s Elder brother and Fire will stay at home… they are the mixing team. They will be cooking the materials we gather at the Rosenberg mansion. I would prefer Fire to be in the guard team, but because he will need to adjust the heat for a long time, it was decided he will stay in the mixing team.

“Don’t do the unreasonable, everyone. You will make Rosarin cry.”

Wind is in the communication team, and he’s the liaison between us and the monster group, and their duty is to keep Rosarin from realizing that we are away. As we were about to leave, some of them offered to join us.

“I heard everything!”

“I’m going too.”

If I’m not mistaken, this was Rosarin’s best friend… Milfi… Milfillet? Or something. The pink blonde’s girls eyes shone with strong resolve. The quiet white rat boy… Ce… cheddar? Cheese? also won’t take no for an answer.

“We will also accompany you!”

“For Ojousama’s sake!”

“If Ojousama’s is suffering then helping her is a matter of course.”

Rosarin’s attendant… Zash? Or something and Rabi… and Martha. Martha is something like Rosarin’s big sister. She told me about Rosarin’s birthday, so I remember her name.

“Although he has problems with his head, we can call for my Father to explore the most dangerous places. The brains are poor, but his sword is good.”

Zash(?) Yo, do you have any grudge with your father? Oh well. Zash(?)’s muscle-headed hero father joined the group.

“Oh my… having the Hero accompany us is a great honor.”

“T, the real deal…”

“Don’t mind him, he’s just a disappointing old man on the inside.”

Milfillet(?( and Sheets(?) sent admiring gazes towards the hero, but Zash was… does he hate his father, after all? It’s all blurred because of his cold introduction. Anyway, we are all here. Most of things are already in the Rosenberg mansion, but we need to gather three things. The Queen Royal Jelly, the Jewel Fruit, and the Magical Power Eater’s leaf. Since each of these has a different habitat, we split up into three groups.

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