Chapter 240

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When I woke up, I felt sick. I have never drank in this body, but it might be similar to a hangover. Furthermore, I couldn’t move my body. So much pain. This is… the guest room of Shushu-san’s house in Wolfanea.

“Good morning, Rosarin.”

Dirk, who was sleeping next to me, smiled.

“Good… mor…”

Dirk immediately noticed something wrong with me and touched my forehead. Ah, that made me feel a bit more comfortable…

“What a terrible fever!”

Eh? A fever? I hadn’t had a cold since I became Rosarin with a super healthy body, so I couldn’t understand.
Dirk swiftly dressed himself and went outside. As I was thinking that it was not good to be alone when I was having a hard time, Dirk brought a basin and a cloth. He put the wrung out cloth on my forehead. The coolness of the cloth made me feel a little better, but I felt more comfortable when touched by Dirk earlier.



I desperately stretch out my arms. Dirk came closer, so I hugged him. My body eased up at once.


“Nuh!? Hey!? Why are you stroking my chest!?”

I kissed him and put my hand inside his clothes and stroked his chest.

“I feel better touching your bare skin… take it off.”

“……… Eh.”

Dirk froze. I’m sure he wants to do something about my pain, but he thinks it’s a bad idea to undress now.


“Nya!? Hey!?”

I drew close to his neck and rubbed my cheeks against it. I then chomped on his ears. Dirk stood frozen in place.

“… Fumu, tasty magical power.”


Dirk ran away at great speed. I feel so sluggish. So painful… what, Darkness-sama? Magical power… it’s certainly circulating… my head is not working…

“Rosaria’s magical power has been stimulated because of the God which threw her entire being off balance. Dirk, a touch of the mate is able to stabilize magical power. That is the reason she wanted to touch you. Let her do as she pleases. Her recovery will be faster that way.”

“… Since when were you here…”

“Since she told you to take it o—”You don’t have to say it!”

Darkness-sama was puzzled. He is a spirit so he doesn’t understand bashfulness. He then left because he had nothing to do.

“Dirk, hug~”

Even with my head spinning, I’ve learned something. I did not guess wrong that touching Dirk made me feel better. Touch Dirk all I want? What kind of reward is that?


Dirk took off his jacket and Beastified completely. I thought he was going to cuddle with me, and then I saw him turn into my very own fluffy pillow… w, what a bliss!

“So happy~”

Fluffy, fluffy, fluff. I thoroughly enjoyed his silky smooth fur.

“Nyaa… d, don’t rub me too much!”

“You smell nice.”

“Stop sniffing my chest!”

I put my head on Dirk’s fluffy chest and his scent assaulted me. Even though I was praising his scent.

“Nu way. More~”

“Funyaa!? Purr, purr…”

I stroked his chin and rubbed his neck… in the end, I ended up falling on Dirk’s back.




When I woke up, my body was still in a bad shape. Dirk was sleeping with me.


“Awake? Do you want to eat something?”

Dirk put on his jacket as he changed into his Beastman form.
He cut a piece of fruit from the table and brought it to my mouth. To be honest, I didn’t have an appetite because I felt sick, but it was my beloved Dirk’s ahh~

“Will eat…”

I put in a great effort to eat the fruit Dirk fed me.

“Drink some water, too.”

“I will help you up.”

“Want to eat more?”

I was completely taken care of by Dirk. Dirk was also happily taking care of me.


“Dirk, your meal?”

His stomach grumbled in a very loud noise.

“I forgot…”

Dirk ate while holding me in one hand. Isn’t it too difficult to eat like this? My condition has improved a lot thanks to him, so I decided to help him eat.

“Dirk, ahh~”

“Eh!? Ah, what!?”

“It must be hard to eat with me in your arms and I get tired when I separate from you. So, I will help you eat.”

Dirk shook his head from side to side.

“Don’t worry, I’m not having any difficulty!”

“… I also wanted to feed you, though.”

I begged him with puppy eyes.

“……………… I will be in your care.”

Dirk yielded. Your face is all red, you know?

“Okay, say ahh~”

And well, we flirted the hell out.

“Ah, Dirk, there’s sauce by your lips.”

I licked it off, and Dirk held his mouth and shook nervously. So cute.

“D, don’t tease me like that!”

He complained with tears in his eyes, but I only thought it was cute.

“Sorry, my condition has gotten considerably better thanks to you… I just want to flirt now.”

“…… Damn, you are adorable! Why do you have to be so brutally cute, Rosarin!? Are you trying to kill me!?”

“You are way cuter, Dirk. Ufufu, are you tempting me?”


Dirk shook his head from side to side at high speed, denying. I know. I was just teasing you. I’m thoroughly satisfied with your cute reaction. Thanks for the meal.

“I think both of you are cute!”


“Ah, Shushu-san, good morning to you.”

“Umu!… Lord, your complexion doesn’t look too good…”

“It’s the side effect of meeting with a God. A magical power sickness, apparently.”

“So that’s why you are on your mate’s lap, I see.”

Huh? Isn’t Kanata-san awfully quiet?

“Kanata-sa—”Thank you, Kabaddi.”








The place sunk in silence. Kabaddi? Kabaddi… Kabaddi??

“Ah crap, I misspoke.”

“No, how did you misspeak!? Kanata-san, you weren’t there during my Kabaddi streak, right!?”

Dirk and Shushu-san were desperately trying to suppress laughter. Just laugh if you need to.

“Ah~ you don’t look well, we will come later. Ah, your Revelation is apparently called Shiva’s Favor, Rosarin-chan.”

“… Oof.”

Kanata-san dropped a bomb and left.

“What kind of Revelation is it?”

“It’s a legendary Revelation that the Saintess of Salvation is said to have had, a cheat Revelation that allows you to create anything and everything you can imagine.”

Huh? Then I just have to make a magic tool that cures the magical power sickness… but, the materials…

“… The pouch and the rings… it explains a lot of things, huh.”


I thought I should report this to Sage Jiisama, but I still couldn’t think straight, so Dirk took care of me and I spent my time in peace.

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