Chapter 21

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Minister’s point of view
The beautiful architecture of the noble district slowly passed by outside the window.
While looking at such a view, I thought about how to apologize to Emiel and how to get her to return.
I heard that when Elina went to bring her back, she casually refused, and when Heinz tried to bring her back, even by using force, she did her best to run away.
I could try to get her to go for the money, but… once I return this confiscated money, she wouldn’t need any more money at that point.
Now, just what do I do about that?

As I leaned back and looked up at the roof, I heard the sound of a gate opening from outside.
I looked out the window and saw the gate connecting the noble district to the commoner district, and I was unconsciously relieved to see that I still had some time to think.
The next moment, the carriage shook so much that I almost fell off my seat.
When I looked out the window again, unsure of what had happened, I saw commoners with clubs and swords in their hands, shouting something as they were hitting the carriage——

“O, oi! What is this about!”

“I, I don’t know! The information that Emiel has been dismissed might have gotten leaked!”

The Royal Guard, like me, didn’t expect this and drew his sword and took up a fighting stance.
Then, the carriage sped up suddenly, and the Royal Guard, who had been standing up from his seat, staggered and I heard a scream from outside.
Looking into the driver’s seat, I saw the man had been hit by something as he had an injury on one of his arms, and the horses also had marks on their backs that looked like they have been hit.
I don’t know if the driver ran his horses in a hurry or if the beaten horses were startled and started to run, but at any rate, we survived.

With a loud sigh, I sat back in my seat, calmed my breathing down and began thinking again.

After arriving in Henschel in about five hours, I took the injured person to a nearby hospital and then walked towards Emiel’s house.
It was a very quiet place unlike the Royal Capital, and although the buildings were all small, I might actually like this quiet atmosphere and calm mood.

As I walked along, I saw a woman who seemed to be Emiel, walking alongside a man of great stature, and I mentally prepared for what was coming next.

Then, Emiel waved to the man of great stature and walked into a house——

“Aide Werner, please be careful.”



The man of great stature seemed to have noticed us, he looked back at us and slowly walked towards us.
Perhaps he has become more cautious because of the Heinz incident. This can’t be helped.
As he approached us while I was thinking about it, the man of a great stature stopped at a little distance.

“You guys came here from the castle, right? What do you want?”

“I came to return the money that has been confiscated because of my error. I’m different from a certain barbaric magician, so please be at ease. I won’t mind if you watch from behind.”

“That so?”

The man of a great stature looked warily at the Royal Guard behind me, then told us to follow him and started walking ahead.
We followed him, and when we reached the front of Emiel’s house, the man knocked on what appeared to be a wooden door.
Soon, we heard an answer from inside and the door was opened.

“Klaus? Did you forget something?”

“These guys have something to say to you.”

When the man moved aside, Emiel’s mood seemed very much brighter than on the day she got dismissed.
I bowed my head to Emiel, whose mouth was flapping open and closed, and eyes were wide open.

“I am truly sorry.”

The lines I thought up in the carriage vanished somewhere and instead, these words came out naturally.

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