Chapter 36

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The Future of the Key
Delicious. Happiness.
I have been blessed by Gab-san with rice and miso soup.
Delicious. I really didn’t think that I could possibly come across this missed taste from my previous life.
Delicious. Super delicious.
Giselle-chan showed a bit of interest too so I asked if she wants some, and shared a bit with her.
The taste of the miso soup was different, but I was surprised by its deliciousness.
When I finish eating while singing Delicious~ Oniisama’s and other’s gazes were on me.
Oniisama looked like he gave up, His Highness was happily watching me, and Gab-san was staring at me fixedly.
His eyes didn’t try to conceal the expectations.

“…… Thank you for the meal. It was very delicious.”
“That so? Tristan, your imouto is weird.”
“Isn’t she?”
“Ah, Oniisama that is rude!”

Even if that’s the truth. I have to retort by all means.
Damn it~!

“Haha, let me introduce myself again. I’m Gabriel. Gabriel Fantail. I told you so before, but I’m good with Gab. As my name suggests, I’m not a person from this country, I’m a prince of the neighboring country, Fantail.”

I am more or less studying abroad, Gab-san adds.
A prince~! Then, isn’t Gab-san out in that case? Gab-sama? But, somehow, it doesn’t feel right.
Let’s go with Gab-san.

“Incidentally, I’m saying studying abroad, but I’m actually taking a refuge. My life is being targeted.”

Ou, so heavy all of sudden.

“My whereabouts would be discovered if I go to class, so I’m living in hiding here.”

He apparently told his own country, that he’s going to study abroad in some country so his whereabouts to them is not known.
Just how persistently are they aiming for your life?
His story was so difficult I can’t tell right from left anymore.
Giselle-chan and Theo seem to understand. They will surely kindly explain to me later.
Anyway, I understand that the neighboring country, Fantail have some special circumstances going on.

“I think it would be okay if I just kill elder brother, though.”
“Gab, if such a thing happens, it’s a war.”
“You don’t understand. Your elder brother.”
“Ahh, I don’t care anymore. My elder brother is awful, you know? But, if I think about it, he’s still the best among the whole family.”

Yep. That means something is wrong with your family!

“Well, come to play when you are free. I’m bored here.”
“Yes, I’m bored.”

Then, who was the one who went out to play in the town today? Oniisama asks.
Ah, you are suffering, aren’t you?

“All right, I have introduced you. Report immediately if you catch sight of this fellow.”

I just have to be careful not to get caught then, Gab-san says while laughing.
It seems Gab-san is better at this than Oniisama.
His Highness says, why don’t you let him do as he pleases? while carefreely looking at them.

“By the way, you.”

Gab-san suddenly looks at me.

“You, can you eat rotten things?”
“…… It depends on the thing that is rotten.”

That face, Gab-san grinned and started laughing.
Ou, I looked like a doggy there! Is what I thought, but Oniisama’s smile was even beyond that!
There is only one thing when it comes to rotten beans.
Is that natto!?

“Gab, it’s not that, right?”
“Ou. This fellow, wouldn’t she be able to eat it?”
“That thing? To Letty? I will leave before that happens.”
“Me too.”

Oniisama and His Highness make defeated expressions.
Eeh! But, I want to eat natto. But, before that, why does Gab-san have Japanese food!
Fantail is not a country of Japanese food, is it!?
I ask him to find out.

“Yes! Yes! Before that! Why do you eat such delicious food!”
“N? Because I like it.”
“It’s not food from Fantail, right!”
“Yes, it’s food from a distant country. It is staple-like food there, but the imported food is considered luxurious stuff.”

Luxurious…… I might have eaten something extremely expensive.
No way, I want rice and miso soup. Rather, I want to migrate.

“Oniisama, can I get my hands on this if I search?”
“If you have the money.”

After all~!

“I will give you if you want.”
“This is the only place you can cook it. It will make an uproar if you do that in the dormitory’s dining room.”

Aaaaah, certainly. I would stand out in the dormitory’s dining room.
Luxury goods. I can cook it, but it’s another question whether it can be so delicious again.
On the other hand, Gab-san is skilled.

“Tristan, give your key to her.”
“You can come from elsewhere, besides this fellow could also come whenever she wants, right?”
“No, but.”

After a long while, Oniisama said that he couldn’t do it after all.

“But, if you ask me to lend you the keys. Letty, are you okay with that?”
“When I want to eat, ask Oniisama for a key and come here, is it!!”
“You can’t go alone. Definitely bring Theodore with you.”

Eh~! Why~!
It seems my feelings showed on my face.
Oniisama says.
If only Gab and you are here, you will definitely cause some accident.
Ah, that is a bit. Yes.
That’s right, something like that could happen, I end up nodding.
Theo, sorry for involving you!
When I look at him, he returns it’s a bit too late to be apologizing now gaze. Yes, as usual.

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