Chapter 42

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Execution (1)
The trials were over and the sentences were to be executed immediately.

The executions were in order in which the judgment was issued.

“Hiiiii! I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die!!”

A nobleman who was taken out of the holding cell cried. This noble cheered on and applauded when Emilia was on the chopping block, but he had apparently already forgotten about that.

The Salbuveirs looked on as the man was brought to the place of execution. Their eyes overflowing with hatred and scorn.
Within the week before the trials were held, the citizens of Salbuveir who attacked and destroyed other territories arrived at the Imperial Capital. They were looking forward to the moment the people of the Fildmerk Empire, who pushed them down into the hell, got punished.

“This person will be executed for his sin of involvement in the Salbuveir massacre. This judgment was is the result of a fair trial, thus cannot be overruled!!”

The audience cheered as the executioner delivered a somewhat dramatic speech. The cheers were so loud they completely drowned out the condemned man’s pleas for mercy.

The executioner looked around and raised his hand. The crown quieted down little by little.

“The execution shall be carried out!”

When the proclamation of the executioner was made, four men stepped forward. One of them held a war hammer, while another had a wooden bucket with oil. The other two men held the nobleman down as the war hammer was mercilessly swung down on his arms and legs.


A scream came from the mouth of the nobleman as the war hammer swung down and crushed his hands and feet. The scream was extremely miserable, but no one among the Salbuveirs appealed for mercy.

“Alright, let’s move on to the next step.”

The four men nodded at the executioner and smeared oil on the motionless noble’s body.

“W, wait a moment please!! Stop it pleaseee!!”

The executioner looked down coldly at the pleading man.

“We felt the same way. Especially since we were innocent, unlike you. Your accusations are not false, so give it up.”

The nobleman couldn’t say anything in retort. He could only shed tears in silence.


“You get what you deserve. It was you guys who killed my family so brutally. I will never forgive you.”

The executioner said as he mercilessly ignited the oil-drenched nobleman on fire. When the oil was set ablaze, the flames enveloped the nobleman’s entire body instantly.


The nobleman who was set on fire flailed about in agony. It was incredible that he could still move so much even though his hands and feet were crushed.
The spectators’ excitement rose witnessing this scene. It could be called an abnormal spectacle, but no one had any sympathy for the burning noble.

The nobleman’s movements became smaller and smaller, and soon, he didn’t move at all. His charred body already showed no signs of life.

“Now then…”

When the executioner bestowed miasma to the nobleman’s unmoving body, it started moving again. The raised nobleman who did not understand his circumstances looked around in puzzlement. When the miasma altered his body he was used to while alive, an expression of despair floated on the nobleman’s face.

“Welcome to the world after death.”

When the executioner spoke up in a sarcastic tone, the nobleman, who realized the situation, opened his mouth.


The nobleman’s scream varied greatly in pitch, which seemed to indicate the magnitude of his despair.
He instinctively knew that death was not salvation.

“Bring the next one!!”

As the executioner said this, the next inmate was brought out. His face was completely tainted with despair.
For the next three hours, the sentences were solemnly carried out, and the condemned prisoners were subjected to the hateful gazes of the Salbuveirs. They then got turned into the Undead after experiencing hell by suffering in agony and dying.



And at last, the Queen and the Side Consort were to appear.

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