Chapter 43

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Execution (2)
The faces of the Empress Illine and Side Consort Aluris were ashen. It seemed that they still could not accept their unavoidable destiny of death.


A sound of fear escaped from Aluris’s mouth. She felt the terrible hatred oozing out of the Salbuveir spectators from the bottom of her heart.
Unlike the clearly terrified Side Consort, the Empress kept her dignified appearances. She was barely holding onto the pride of the Empress.

(This is… the result of what we did…)

Illine was keenly aware of the reasoning behind the Salbuveir’s hatred.

“The execution of the Empress Illine and Side Consort Aluris will now commence.”

Illine and Aluris’s faces stiffened in response to the executioner’s words. The two knew they were sentenced to death from the very beginning, but it still not felt real to them.
However, the terrifying hatred the Salbuveirs directed towards them made them realize that it was indeed a reality.

“Hiii… I don’t want to die!! Save meee!! I did nothing wrooong!!”

Suddenly, Aluris started screaming. Her voice was truly heartbreaking, but neither the executioner nor the audience showed any sympathy.

(Aluris… what are you doing?)

Illine cursed Alruis’s disgrace in her mind. On the contrary, it might have been Aluris’s disgraceful behavior that kept Illine calm.

“Since you have been already sentenced, your death is imminent.”

The executioner’s voice was infinitely cold.

“Why do I have to die!! I was not part of the troops that killed you!! I am no noble either!!”

In response to Aluris’s protest, the words that the executioner uttered were even colder.

“It certainly is true that those who killed us were the troops and the nobles who hatched up the plan. That is the truth, but not only did you, the Imperial family, overlook it, Altonius himself actively harmed us for his own protection. Then, why should we not act the same way?”
“Do you find it ridiculous? You are accomplices of those who made us experience hell. Why would you think that we would pardon you, the accomplices?”

In the words of the executioner, Aluris began to shiver.

“On top of that, our Lord declared that this is a simple retaliation, not carrying out justice.
“If it’s your justice that has laid waste to our lives, then that very justice will be the source of your misery. Your justice is meaningless compared to the hatred we feel towards you!!”

Listening to the executioner, Aluris was silenced. However, she couldn’t suppress her trembling body.

“Empress Illine, you are guilty of the same crimes!!”


The executioner’s words made Illine’s expression stiffen, but she showed no other response.

“Carry out the sentence!!”

The other executioners stepped forward, dragging the handcuffed Illine and Aluris over.


Violently dragged over, Illine and Aluris were tied to a pillar. In these circumstances, it might have been only natural that no consideration was given to their gender.

“You already know that the method of your execution will be ‘stoning’ right?”

Stoning is a method of capital punishment where a group throws stones at a person until the subject dies from blunt trauma. It’s a method that prolongs the pain until death.
Moreover, stoning is a punishment for adultery in “Legreoism”, the national religion of the Fildmerk Empire. Legreoism considers adultery as a serious sin that needs to be purified with stones.
Neither Illine nor Aluris committed adultery, but the Salbuveirs chose stoning as the method of execution with a sick sense of irony.

“The execution will now commence. Whoever wishes to do it, take up the stones.”

In response to the executioner’s words, the Salbuveirs picked up the stones. Even Illine and Aluris could see at a glance that the number of people picking up stones exceeded one hundred. The Salbuveirs weren’t laughing. They were not sneering, but looking at them with hatred.
That was the most frightening thing for Illine and Aluris. Not being killed with extreme passion, but with composure cool as the ice was the most terrifying to Illine.
It made her feel like they were saying “Your death has no meaning to us.”


Voices of despair escaped from the mouths of Illine and Aluris. Aluris was screaming from the very beginning, but Illine managed to endure up until now. However, after receiving the cold treatment from the Salbuveirs, Illine could not bear it anymore. Moreover, they felt like thousands or tens of thousands of them were all looking at them, which made it impossible to keep mental balance.

“Do it!!”

As soon as the executioner’s voice resounded, the Salbuveirs started throwing stones at the two. Illine and Aluris saw what felt like thousands of stones flying towards them.

Illine and Aluris who were swallowed by the storm of stones had their skin torn, their flesh gouged out and their bones crushed.

(Stooooooooooop iiiiiiiiitt!!)

Illine and Aluris screams were not heard by anyone. It was a situation in which it was impossible to judge whether the people were screaming out loud or screaming in their minds.


The executioner stopped the crowd and the stones stopped coming. The corpses of Illine and Aluris came to view. The front of their bodies which had been hit with stones, were completely crushed, with their guts fallen out, revealing a disastrous appearance. Moreover, their heads were completely shattered, so it was more appropriate to call them lumps of meat rather than corpses.

The Fildmerk Empire’s last Queen and Side Consort had suffered the greatest cruelty, having their bodies turned into pieces of flesh.

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