Chapter 38.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Judged, The Judges (3)
“That’s correct. Sparing my life would be an insult to me. I will fulfill my last duty as a member of the Imperial family.”

Ortho nodded to Shukul’s words and spoke up.

“Third Prince Shukul, you are hereby sentenced to death by suicide.”

Ortho’s words brought relief among the Salbuveirs. Although the death penalty was unavoidable, execution would be as close to ridicule as possible.

“Thank you very much.”

Shukul stood up and bowed silently. Shukul knew that death was inevitable, but he wanted to avoid a public execution if possible.

“Third Prince Shukul, if only you were the target of our loyalty, we all could live in happiness.”
“It is unfortunately too late now. Rather than that, I appreciate your kindness.”

Shukul smiled a little bittersweetly. Watching that smile, Ortho declared.

“Court adjourned.”

After receiving Ortho’s final words, Shukul was brought to a different room. Then, Emila who sat next to Ortho stood up. The family saw Emilia take off in silence.

Shukul did not know where he was being taken to, but he understood that he was going to die.

(Well, I hope to die without pain if possible. It’s still better than a public execution, though.)

Shukul was taken to his own room. When Shukul entered his room, which was in the state he left it in, he exhaled deeply.

Shukul sat down at the table and started writing on a paper. He was writing a will.

(I hope I could warn future generations.)

Shukul began to write about the downfall of the Fildmerk Empire and about the attitude of the court officials. The construction of his sentences was splendid considering he was only twelve years of age.
When Shukul finished writing his short but strong message, the door of his room was knocked at. The door was open before he could answer and Emilia together with Amis and Helen entered.

“Lady Emilia.”

Shukul called out to Emilia with a smile. Emilia nodded with an indescribable expression on her face.


“So Lady Emilia will be the person watching over me?”
“I’m glad. Having Lady Emilia be the person watching over my last moment is an unexpected joy.”
“Why is that?”
“It’s simple. I have long adored you, Lady Emilia.”
“Is that so?”
“But, it’s more of a reverence, than love.”

Emilia smiled lightly at Shukul’s words. To Emilia, Shukul was an existence akin to her cute little brother.

“I will be in your care then.”

Shukul said so as he bowed his head to Emilia.

“Yes, indeed.”

Emilia gestured Amis and she placed a tea set on the table and poured tea inside the cup.

“It doesn’t seem to be poisoned alcohol.”
“You are still only twelve, after all.”
“Yesyes. I will abide by your words, Lady Emilia.”

Shukul sulked like a spoiled child for a little, enjoyed the fragrance of the tea, and drank the contents of his cup. After he quietly placed the cup back on the saucer, a wave of sudden drowsiness assaulted him.

“Prince Shukul, please take a rest over here.”

Emilia took Shukul’s hand and moved him to the bed. Shukul fell straight on the bed. He couldn’t fight against the drowsiness assaulting him.

“Lady Emilia… a request…”
“Yes. What is it?”
“Won’t you hold my hand?”

Emilia obediently abided Shukul’s request. Emilia felt the temperature of the hand gradually decreasing.

“Hehe… Lady… Emili… a… go… od… ni… ght…”

Shukul quietly closed his eyes. What Shukul drank was the Salbuveir’s secret poison formula, which causes intense drowsiness, and gradually stops the heartbeat. Because of that, Shukul passed through the gate of death painlessly.

“Young lady…”
“I know. Prince Shukul did his best, so let him rest for a little.”

Emilia replied to Amis and kissed Shukul’s lips. The miasma emitted from her mouth and entered Shukul’s body. When Shukul wakes up, he will wake up as an undead.

“Goodnight, Your Highness… I wish you good dreams.”

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