Chapter 8

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Experiment #2
“I’m home~”
“Welcome~! You are early today!”
“Yes, I have something to do.”
“I see!”

After learning about the Race Change in the library, Rei returned home.
It’s in order to practice the Race Change in his own room.

Now, let’s go quickly to my room.

On way to his room, he came across Ari who was in the kitchen.

“… Lunch will be ready soon.”
“I know.”

Rei responded with a smile and headed to his room.

Rei entered the room, locked the door, closed the window curtains and double-checked.
When he confirmed that everything is safe, he breathes out *fuu*

Good, everything is ready.
Indeed, changing races while in a public place like a library would be bad idea.
Therefore he went to his own room.

Rei wishes to change his race.
Then again a whiteboard appears.

Rei checks the contents of the board.
It shows that he at the moment can change int an elf, a beastman, a demon, and a dragonewt.

He quickly gives up on demons, because they are hated.
Similarly, he excludes the elves.
That leaves him with a beastman or a dragonewt…

Okay, dragonewt sounds cool so let’s do that.

Rei decided to change into a dragonewt because of such cheap reason.

Suddenly, Rei’s body is wrapped in light.
At the moment Rei was surprised, the light settled immediately.

It’s a success.

Rei exultingly looks at his hands.
However, he saw a human’s hand.

Huh, this is strange?
I’m sure I have changed into a dragonewt…
Let’s inspect.

Rei uses the Analytic Eyes and looks at himself.
Thanks to the Analytic Eyes he was able to confirm that he indeed was changed into a dragonewt and he had some additional special skills.

I have certainly become a dragonewt.
But still having a human form means… only a part of me changed into a dragon.

Rei looks at his right hand while wishing for it to change.
Then, Rei’s right hand started transforming while doing *bikibiki* sounds.
The shape of his fingers and nails started changing accordingly to sharp claws.
When the sounds weren’t heard anymore, his right hand took the appearance of a blue dragon.

“Co, cooool!!!!!”

Rei couldn’t help but to cry out loud, but the voice couldn’t compare to his normal human voice, it was way lower this time, soon a knocking was heard on his door.

Oh shit, I carelessly shouted!!
The race quickly returned to his normal appearance and opened the door.
When he opened the door, his father was standing there.

“What’s the matter!?”
“No, nothing”

And Rei’s work to persuade his father for dozens of minutes has begun.

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