Chapter 7

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Be it humans, elves or even demons, every race and their subraces.
The skills change depending on the race, humans are not excessively good at magic, they rather lean towards the martial arts.
On the other hand, elves are good at elemental magic while demons are good at spirit magic.
The elves are isolated, the demons are hated by humans.
Why are the demons ーー ーー ー

Rei closes the book he was reading until now.
The day after the appraisal of his skills, Rei went to the library to read books related to his skills.
However, inside the mountain of books, he was not able to find the books he was looking for.

He quickly realized that there are only a handful of people with special skills.
But the possibility of activating a special skill with only saying its name is low.

If I remember correctly my skills are “Analytic Eyes” “Growth Assistance” “Race Change” “Language Comprehension”, the promising ones are the Analytic Eyes and Race Change.

First, let’s try using the Analytic Eyes.
Okay, let’s look at myself first.

Rei looked at his hands and wished for Analytic Eyes to activate.
Suddenly a whiteboard with black letters appeared in front of Rei.

Reirus Raminating

LV 3

HP 20/20
MP 30/30

Strength: 15
Agility: 20
Dexterity: 21


Special Skills
Race Change
Growth Assistance
Language Comprehension
Analytic Eyes

Reincarnated Person
Peculiar Person
One who conceals the power
The person who transcends the law of nature


There are only things that sound like cheats, especially the last thing…
Are my ability values…. slightly higher?
I will have to compare it with my father’s.
Still, can I somehow see what races I can change to?

While thinking such, a whiteboard has appeared before Rei again.


“Race Change”

Bending the will of the world, you can change your race.
The races which you can change to presently are human, elf, demon, beastman, dragonewt.
To unlock other races, contact with them is necessary.
This ability can also change gender.
Because other races have their specific special skills, they will be added automatically once changed into them.
In addition, the skills you have learned from other races do not disappear once changed back to your original form.

However, you can change only three times a day.
(The number of times increases with the number of acquired races)


What a cheat.

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