Chapter 6

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Returning Home
What to do, my secret about the 4 special skills got out.

This is bad, mom is piercing me with her eyes.
If they found out the contents too it will be over for me.

Rei was thinking such, while the priest was staring at the paper.

“However… Even I don’t understand the contents.”

Good, it seems that only I know about the skills.
Now then, only leaving from here in a hurry is left.

When Rei was thinking such while standing from the chair, Ari spoke to him.

“Mom, are we not leaving? It seems that we can’t understand the contents of my special skills.”
“………Yeah, then Priest-sama, will you please return the paper?”

Ari who became panicked for a little stands up from the chair.
The priest hands the paper over to Ari with a subtle face.
He also lowers his head while apologizing.

“I’m really sorry, for a priest to not understand the contents of the skills.”
The skills on the paper appeared in an unusual language.”
“… Yes, I understand. Even though we don’t know the contents, knowing that Rei has 4 special skills is amazing… so.”

It’s a good thing right~, I know the contents though.
Now just returning remains, after that the assessment of my skills will be concluded.

Rei and Ari left through the door after saying goodbye to the priest.


When they came through the room, Abania cried with tears in his eyes.
It seems that because incurring Ari’s wrath, he was kicked out of the priest’s room.

Truly regrettable, dad.

After thinking that, Rei talked to Ani.

“Well, let’s return dad, you should apologize after we return, mom will surely forgive you.”
“Rei!! You are… the best!”

Rejoicing, Ani happily hugs Rei while Ari quietly stares.

“…… Rei, let’s return.”
“Wait a moment, Ari!”

And thus, together with Ani and Ari they returned home.

“4 special skills…! Unbelievable!”

The priest says without noticing the woman in the room.

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