Chapter 32

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The morning of departure.
As the sun went up, Rei wakes up on the floor in the living room.
The living room that was dyed in blood, is now returned to its original condition.


Rei yawns while rubbing his neck, he then stands up and stretches.
He looks around and then performs a light exercise.

“Today is the last day… huh.”

Rei goes out to the back yard and mutters sadly.
There was a big crater in the middle of the back yard left from the battle with Lelia.

“Still, how on Earth is it so deep…?”

Rei looks down the hole and looks at the bottom, but all he sees is darkness.
He picks up a stone and throws it down the hole to measure the depth.

If I’m not mistaken, I heard that counting while dropping a stone down could measure the depth.

The stone which is dropped down the hole hits the bottom, but Rei didn’t hear a sound of the stone hitting the ground for about two minutes.

How much deep is this…

Rei stood up while thinking so and prayed silently towards the hole.

Teacher… Please rest peacefully…

Yesterday, the dragon which replaced me reduced the maddened Lelia to ash.
Rei doesn’t remember much, but that he killed her is a fact, he prays silently to atone for his sin.

“… Next is Dad, huh.”

Rei prays silently before Ani’s grave once again.
This prayer was in order for Ani to watch over Rei on his journey.

Dad, please watch over me on my journey…

After offering two silent prayers, he returns to the living room.
Ari stood in the living room with her head hanging down.

“Rei… I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay, it can’t be helped.”

Ari declared that she can’t live with Rei yesterday.

However, it is not because she hates me, but because Mom has her own way of thinking.
But I understood that it’s not possible for her to live with me.
It’s not something to be angry or grieve about… I think.

“Then… From now, how will you live?”
“I will become an adventurer and go on a trip.”
“I see…”

A delicate atmosphere flows among the two people.


Is it okay to part ways like this?
Is it okay to leave on a trip while Mom has such a delicate atmosphere around her?

While Rei is having various doubts, Ari suddenly embraces him.

“Rei, live…… and return safely.”

Rei who answers without hesitation has his head pulled right before Ari’s face.
The face is wet from tears, but there was a powerful yet gentle smile.

Rei feels the warmth from Ari’s smile.
Rei instinctively felt that his Mom was going to be all right.

“… Then, I’m going.”
“… Mm.”

Rei goes to the entrance and wears his shoes.
However, Ari remembered something and stopped Rei from leaving.

“Wait a minute!”
“What is it?”
“This, though it is not a lot, money and food.”

Ari hand Rei several pieces of silver and three loaves of bread.
After Rei receives it, he bows his head towards Ari.

“Thank you very much.”

I wanted a little more, but that luxury is not possible.

“Also, Ani’s birthday present.”

Ari quickly returns to the living room and hands him a slightly larger rucksack.
When Rei received it, he wanted to check the contents immediately because the rucksack was quite heavy, but Ari stops him.

“Rei, if you are going to open it, open it outside… Please.”

Rei pushes the door open without saying anything with one hand while holding the rucksack in the other hand.

It’s surely because if she saw the present Dad got me, she would remember many things she doesn’t want to.

Rei opened the door without looking back and said to Ari.

“I’m off.”
“Yes… Return safely without a fail.”

Rei went out without answering.

While holding in the sadness of parting with Ari and the happiness of new adventure, Rei sets out―――

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