Chapter 5

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Rei looks at the paper the Priest had handed him.

Well then, my skills are…

Reirus Raminating
Race: Human

– Nothing

Special Skills
– Race Change
– Growth Assistance
– Language Comprehension
– Analytic Eyes

Yep, definitely not normal.
No normal skills, but many special skills this joke doesn’t stay within bounds!

… Calm down me, if you get tense so much you will get needlessly tired after.

Rei confirms the contents of the paper once again.

I probably have Language comprehension because I’m a reincarnated person.
Analytic Eyes and Growth Assistance, I can understand those. The problem is Race Change.

Race is… that right? Human, elf or demon right?
Normally when you reincarnate in a different world there’s not only once race, there is a variety of races right…?
… Race can be changed!?

Rei who was calm returns immediately to a state of panic.
At that moment, Ari pats Rei’s shoulder and speaks.

“… Can I take a look?”

Her expression is so cute, she totally looks like a doll.
When Rei saw it, his heart went *doki* but calmed down in an instant.

“Here you go.”
“… Thanks.”

Rei hands the paper to Ari.

It’s handed over, but it’s too late now… If she founds out that I have 4 special skills, it may become something terrible.
It’s okay, no matter what happens, mom will always be on my side… I think.

After handing the paper with regrets, Rei watches Ari staring at the paper.

“Ho, how is it?”


Rei asks Ari who is looking at the paper with astonished expression.
However, Ari’s expression returned back after about 20 seconds.

“… What language is this?”

Rei let’s out a weird sound and slides from the chair.

I, I was so surprised that I let out a weird sound!
Don’t ask me, everything I see is written in Japanese, so I can’t answer.
But I’m so glad it works like this.

Rei sits back on the chair, after looking on the paper for a long time, he shakes his head, looks at Ari and says.

“… I carefully looked at it, but I didn’t understand.”
“… It can’t be helped then.”

Ari says while gently stroking Rei’s head and directs her gaze towards the priest.

“… Priest-sama, are you able to read this?”

Ari takes the paper and hands it over to the priest.

Shit, I forgot the priest was still here!!!
What to do, the possibility of being found out is high.
I have to do something…

When Rei is lost in thought, the priest says after staring at the paper for a while.

“This, this is…!”
“… What is it? …Does Rei have no skills?”

No, I actually have them.
But they all are special skills though~

“Please calm down and listen. Well, your child doesn’t have any skills, but he has special skills… 4 of them.”
“……… Eh?”
“I’m saying that Rei-kun has 4 special skills!”

This time, mom lost all her usual coolness and screams.

…… Ah, I was found out.

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