Chapter 4

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“We have arrived~”

Abania raises his voice.
Rei and his parent were in front of the temple and were going to enter now.

“… Let’s enter quickly.”

After hearing a cute voice, Ani and Rei answered energetically.

“Ohh, nice reply! Let’s enter while looking around.”

After answering, Abania and Rei enter the temple.

“Welcome to the Temple of God. What service do you seek from us?”

After entering the temple a woman in white robes talks to them.
Abania looks at the woman and says in a cool tone.

“We came today to appraise my son’s skills.”
“Then, show me the reservation please.”

Dad is cooler than usual, he hands the white-robed woman a piece of paper.
While the white-robed woman confirms the paper, mom stared at dad.
Dad who doesn’t notice that look will have a horrible time later.

The woman in white robes finishes looking at the paper and talks to Abania.

“Yes, I have confirmed it. Proceed straight in the corridor, you will soon arrive at the priest’s room.”
“Thank you♪”

Dad says the last line and winks at the woman in white robes, a vain appears on mom’s forehead.

Ah, mom has snapped.

When mom hits dad’s shoulder with a tap-tap, dad turns around and his smile instantly disappears.

“… You will sleep in Rei’s bed for one week.”

Mom and dad share the bedroom, but my bedroom is separate.
I don’t like that I got mixed in the quarrel, but I will somehow survive.

By the way, dad and mom do it every da —– ahem.
I will leave it out, because it’s out of place.

When I get back, my dad will occupy my room for a whole week.

My dad’s face becomes pale after hearing mom.
A grin appears on my mom’s face.

“It, it was just a joke! Rei understood me, that I was only joking!”
“… Don’t rely on Rei.”

Mom avoids dad’s hand, she then grasps my hand and speaks.

“… Let’s leave useless Ani behind and go.”
“Oi, wait for me you two~!”
“Don’t wanna.”
“Me too.”

Leaving behind discouraged Ani, Rei and Ari hold their hands and joyfully opens the door.

“Yes, hello. We came today to see our child’s skills.”
“… Yes.”

A man wearing a gray robe is watching Rei.

This person is a priest…
I thought a priest would have something like a sacred aura around him, but it looks like it’s my misunderstanding.
He looks like a helpless old man.

Saa, let’s see my skills at once.
Saa, bring it!

The gray-robed priest looks at Rei’s confident look and smiles.

“It’s good to be energetic. Son, what is your name?”
“Reirus Raminating!”
“Ohh, Reirus… Can I call you Rei-kun?”
“You can.”
“Well then, Rei-kun. Before I look at your skills, I will give you a brief explanation.”

Oh, this old man is kind.
I wanted only to see my skills, to even receive an explanation this is convenient.

“Listen well, skills are a person’s technique that allows them to learn martial arts and magic. The skills won’t expand unless you keep using them, so don’t be shy and use them without being modest.”
“Good answer. Then, let’s appraise this child’s skills.”

My mom stares at me after hearing the priest’s words.
Simultaneously dad came in, but was driven away by mom immediately.

Regrets, dad.

And the priest starts chanting a spell.

“The world’s law, take my magic and awaken this child’s power, Appraisal.”

When the priest finishes his chant, a white light forms and falls down on Rei.
The man holds a piece of paper in his right hand and talks to me.

“Take a look.”

Rei sees the paper handed over by the priest.
Mom comes closer to peep, but I don’t mind.

Well then, what is my skill…

Rei begun to read the paper that was handed to him.

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