Chapter 3

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To the temple
“I’m home~”
“… Too loud.”

Reirus and Abania returned home from the city.
A lady has opened the entrance door.
This is my mother, Arimia Raminating.
A blonde with a beautiful face, that doesn’t speak much.

Abania pats Arimia’s shoulder and laughs.

“Now, now, don’t worry about that.”
“… because you are too loud.”
“Don’t say such things~”
“… If you are noisy, no lunch for you.”
“… Deserved punishment.”
“I will fully return this debt in bed.”
“… Don’t say such things before Rei.”
“Yes, yes.”

Well, the conversation is always the same.
Rather, don’t say such things before a child!

While thinking so, Abania presses on the Reirus’ back.

“Let’s enter the house.”
“… Hurry up, lunch is ready.”
“Rei, hurry let’s eat!”
“… Father and son noisy together.”

A harmonious parent-child duo entered the house to eat the lunch.

“Fu~ my stomach is full~”

Abania says after eating the lunch and rests on a chair.
After seeing that, Reirus also rests on the chair while Arimia gently watches.

“… Hey, you must not imitate Ani.”

She says with a little angry tone.

By the way, my mom calls dad Ani.
Something about Abania being too full of muscle or something.
So she nicknamed him Ani.
In addition, my mom’s nicknamed Ari and I’m Rei.

To call themselves by nicknames… What a harmonious married couple.
Well, I’m somewhere in that too.

While thinking such things, Rei stops leaning on the chair and gets off.
When Abania saw that, he also stands up.

“Okay, shall we have Priest-sama to look at Rei’s skills?”
“… I look forward to seeing what skills he has.”

In fact, today is the day the priest at the temple will look at my skills.
It’s a rule that parents have to pay money to the priest wo has an appraisal skill to see what skills the child has.
About the temple, I can’t explain because I myself don’t understand.

Now then, there is one very important point.
That is, that I am a reincarnated being with all of my memories intact.
In the game or manga, the character always has some cheat skills. I wonder if the same applies to me.
I can’t find out myself, so I was waiting for this day.

Rei shook his head and replied with a smile.

“Me too!”
“Then, let’s go.”
“… Yea.”

After the lunch, three people left the house and headed to the temple

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