Chapter 2

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4 years passed since I was born with this new life.
I’m currently at the town’s library studying.

N, why the time passed so fast?
It can’t be helped, watching me live the first years of my life acting like an innocent baby wouldn’t be any fun.

It would also be embarrassing, I was often falling down even as 3 years old.
Because the early childhood body is so different from high school student’s body, I had trouble with balance.

Therefore, don’t say that the story progresses too fast!
You wanted to see me growing up so much?

… Now, that’s enough playing around, let’s return to study.
The city I was born in, Argana, is a reasonably wealthy and secure city.
I was born in a common family household in this Argana.
This is not a house of noble, that would be nice though…

While thinking such things, Sosuke begins to open his book which has been put on the desk and starts reading.

Ah, by the way, my name is not Shinma Sosuke anymore it’s Reirus Raminating now.
Raminating is my surname, my first name sounds somewhat foreign, Reirus.

Oops, oops, I got distracted again.
Study, study.

Sosuke, Reirus resumes reading the book.
The book Rerius is reading is something like a light instruction manual about this world.

According to the book, this world is known as Fasti.
It’s divided into various continents, it seems that on the continent Reirus lives, the main population consists of humans.
The human language is the common language of this continent, and there are 4 metropolises, their description is further in the book.

This world is Fasti… That means, this is certainly not Earth.
In other words… A different world.

When speaking of a different world, naturally an image of sword and magic comes to mind, but I saw only some street magic.
I’m not sure about swordsmen, but they probably exist.

“Oi, Rei!”

While Reirus is thinking, a man’s voice can be heard.
When Reirus looks in the direction of the voice, a youth with shaggy arm hair was there.

“Yes! What is it?”
“It’s almost time for lunch, let’s go home!”

Reirus answers the man energetically.

This man is my current father, Abania Raminating.
He finds it hard to call me Reirus so he just calls me Rei.
It is an ordinary dad without any special characteristics.
Dad is somewhat ikemen, but his arms hair looks like a jungle.
It’s good to have a strong ikemen dad, but it’s impossible to call it luxury.

“… Rei, did you see something funny?”
“No, not at all.”

Reirus replies hastily.

He, he can read minds!?
… that can’t be true, he’s just a normal dad after all.

“Oioi, dad has a lot of things that are not normal though?”

Why are you reading my mind!
No way, is my dad a mind reader!?

“No, you said it out loud.”

Ah, no wonder…
……… That means, does he now about everything I just thought?

“You see Rei. You may think everything in mind, but if you let it out of your mouth it’s useless? Dad heard it all well enough.”
“… I’m sorry.”

Saying that, I lower my head.
Seeing that Abania smiles and strokes Reirus’ hair.

“I understand, be careful next time.”
“Well then, mom is waiting for us so let’s go home.”

The two of them leave the library.

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