Chapter 1

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Waking up
… I feel like I am wandering through a dream.
It’s almost like I’m sinking deep, deep to the bottom of invisible space.

… Eh… shouldn’t I be… dead?
Yet I am conscious.
I am supposed to be dead, yet I am conscious, that’s weird.
Does that mean that this is the afterlife?

… Doesn’t matter.
No point thinking deeply about it, I’m dead anyway.

Sosuke’s heart sinks.
At that time, a light shines unexpectedly.
Dazzling, while thinking so, Sosuke lost his consciousness.

To verify the source of the light, Sosuke slowly opens his eyes.

When I open my eyes, I was in the man’s arms.
I immediately try to shake the hairy arms off, disgusting.

However my limbs… Didn’t move at all.
It just moved a little.

At this point, Sosuke noticed something important.

――――― Open my eyes? Move my limbs?

Sosuke was killed during convenience store robbery.
However, he is able to open his eyes and move his limbs.

While Sosuke was trying to understand the situation, he heard the man’s voice.

“Look, it’s our child!”
“Haa… haa… so cute…”

Female voice is heard.
From the man’s words this… is this by any chance…

“Isn’t that natural? It’s our child after all!”
“… Yeah…”

At that time my vision changes.
It seems that the man is putting me down.
And in front of my eyes is… a blonde beauty.

The blond beauty smiles at me.

“… Nice to meet you.”

Sosuke is confident.

Is this a reincarnation!!!???

He wanted to shout that but only “gyaaa!!!” could be heard.

Apparently I got reincarnated.

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