Chapter 9

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Ahh, that was dangerous~
Dad almost caught me.

Rei made sure that Ani went away and took a big sigh of relief.
Rei takes a few deep breaths afterward.

“… But, with this, I can’t race change anymore today, huh.”

It said in the description that it’s possible to race change only 1-3 times a day. I can’t use it carelessly from now on.
With this, I will leave the experiment for tomorrow.

Rei lies on the floor while muttering.

“Oh well, let’s do some workout?”

When I was three years old in this world, I started working out at least for an hour every day.
The exercises are 200 push-ups, 250 sit-ups, and 300 push-ups.
When I did this exercise for the first time, my arms were jiggling for about 30 minutes.
But I got used to it after 6 months, so I don’t have any problems now.
I intend to increase the quantity little by little.

The push-ups are first.

Rei lies on the floor and starts doing push-ups.
Head almost hitting the ground repetitively, he is soon done without having to take a break.
He finished his ABS exercise in 20 minutes.

Rei stands up while breathing out.
Rei wipes the sweat from his face with a towel he prepared beforehand, and at that moment Ari’s voice can be heard from below.

This house is two-story high, my room is on the second floor.
Mom’s and dad’s bedroom is on the first floor.

As to why I wanted my room to be away from my parents is… the night activities.
Because they think it will have a bad influence on me if I heard it, I decided to have my room on the other side of the house.

However, however, this room is right above mom’s and dad’s bedroom so… Yes, I can hear them. A lot.

“… Rei, meal!”

Ari yells with a slightly louder voice, Rei returns immediately.
He gets out of his room, downstairs towards the living room.
There, Ari stood with rosy cheeks.

“… Late, what were you doing?”

Mom is in an angry mode.
No way, did I think aloud again…!
That can’t be the case.

“It’s a secret.”
“… I see, I won’t ask anymore then… Let’s eat?”

Mom says while sitting down on a chair.
Rei sits while thinking about what could have happened.

“Then, Itadakimasu.”

The two people started eating.

… Two people?

Rei noticed that Ani is missing and looks around the living room.
Not being able to find Ani, Rei asked Ari.

“Umm… Where is dad?”

The moment Rei asked, Ari’s expression became ice-cold.

“… That stupid man went on women hunt outside… He should go just die.”
“A, awawawa…”

What the hell are you doing, dad… Do you plan on building a harem?

“… Male trash.”

Seeing Ari so ruthless, a cold runs on Rei’s spine.

Father~~ When you come back, you will definitely be killed!
Rather, you are lowest for going on a women hunt!

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