Chapter 10

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Even after a lunch, dad didn’t come home.
As time goes by, dad is still not back.
Mom’s anger has been increasing by each minute, a vein has already appeared on her forehead.
At this rate, it will not be just beaten to death, but a bloodbath…

Rei was currently in his room lost in thought.

Dangerous, this situation is dangerous.
The family will be broken if dad doesn’t come back soon and prostrate before mom…
But how will I find dad…?

I have to find him somehow… I saw in a TV that they use police dogs when searching for a missing person ーー

While thinking such Rei suddenly thought of something.

… Dog?
Why is a dog used… Speaking of sense of smell, dog’s is way better than that of a human.
I read in a book that when it comes to a sense of smell, the beastmen are the strongest…
That means!

Rei immediately opens a race change window.
He carefully looks at the window and confirms that there indeed is a beastman.

Okay, let’s change right away.

Rei taps the part of the board where beastman is displayed.
Then, Rei’s body shines once again.

… The light settles and Rei appearances change considerably.
Rei grows a dog ears on top of his head.
In addition, his hair changed to red.
And finally, a tail has appeared near his buttocks.

Rei whose appearance changed big-time, murmurs.

“…… Kwu~l.”

…… Ha!
Badbad, I have become a dog completely!
I shouldn’t be doing this, I must go out quickly!

As I thought, I descended to the first floor.
After arriving at the entrance without Ari noticing, Rei took Ani’s shoes and smells it.

This is the strategy I came up with… It’s to confirm dad’s smell after becoming a beastman with a good sense of smell.

… Okay, I confirmed the smell!
Umm, the other scent with the same smell…

Rei goes outside with a twitching nose.
Then after getting a weak whiff of his father’s scent, he set out in the north direction.

“This is it!”

After saying so, Rei starts running immediately.
At that moment, he starts feeling really strong thanks to the beastman legs which are much stronger compared to a human.

“Ohh, I can run pretty fast!”

Rei says that while moving his legs quickly.
Leaving the residential area, he came to a street with street stalls.
To confirm that he is in the right place, he smells the scent again.

The scent is near.
I will be there in a while ー

While thinking so, his father’s scent was drifting from a certain building.

“Don’t get carried away! You want to resist me while being such mediocre fellow!.”

When I come to where my dad’s scent is coming from, a big man emerges from the building.

Apparently, that man is quarreling with my dad… I wonder why?

Rei wanted to confirm why they are in a dispute so he got closer.

“You, you are the one who robbed me of my wi-wife’s present!”
“Oh? You don’t have such a relationship!”

Fumu, he must have gotten in a quarrel with the wrong person.
Let’s help him.

Rei filled with confidence runs to Ani.
Then, Rei shouts at the man from a 5m distance.

“Hey, don’t pick on my father!”
“What now… A brat?”

The man turned around, noticing Rei.
Dad sees me in my beastman form and is convinced that I misunderstood and shouts at the man.

“That child isn’t my son! Don’t raise your hand on an innocent child!!”
“Shut up!!”

The guy shouts loudly to silence Ani, Rei, however, provokes the man even more.

“Hey, you big man! Is it possible that you can only shout loudly~?”
“This stinking brat… !”

The man avoids Ani and walks towards me.
Ani desperately tries to stop the man, but the man came in the very front of Rei.
The man glares at Rei with a horrendous glint in his eyes.

Wa~, I’m afraid… Just kidding!

Rei immediately changes his race, using the Race Change into a dragonewt.
The man is taken aback at the shining light around Rei’s body.

“Wha- What!?”
“…… Fuu.”

When the light is settled, the man stares at Rei.

“Who the hell are you!?”
“The guy who will settle this quarrel with you.”

Rei says in a low voice, while his hands and feet became partly that of a dragon.

“Don’t take me lightly you stinking brat!!!”

The fight between the man and Rei has begun.

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