Chapter 11

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“This… Shitty brat !!”

The man loses himself in anger.
However, this was Rei’s calculated provocation.

“What’s wrong, are you not coming? Or are you unexpectedly scared?”
“Shut up, you sti-stinking brat !!!!!!!!”

The man strikes towards Rei’s face while shouting.
The punch was really fast, but it was not something Rei wasn’t able to dodge.


Rei mutters so dodges to the right and avoids the man’s punch.
However, the man’s arm who flew towards Rei’s head suddenly changed direction.

“Take this!!”

Rei barely dodges the fist by squatting down.

The target is the belly.

“I’m returning that!!”

Before the man finished speaking he was blown off about 3m away by Rei’s attack.
Rei is dumbfounded by this scene.

Huh, aren’t I too strong… ?
No way, is this the pattern where I become deceived by an appearance?
But it seems that dad was blown off… Ah mou!
When it’s like that I should just take a look, Analytic Eyes!

Rei uses Analytic Eyes on the blown off man.
After using the Analytic Eyes, he looks at the board.

LV 24

HP 57/162
MP 24/24

Strength: 45
Agility: 23
Dexterity: 21

Muscle Strengthening LV 2
Vitality Reinforcement LV 1

Special Skills


This is the ability of that man.
By the way, I did not check his name, because there is no need to remember the name of small fry.

Still, though his HP is high, a 100 points were taken off with just a single punch…
… N, no wait, is it possible that my strength is simply too high?


Rei examines his own ability by using the Analytic Eyes.

MP 30/30

Strength: 82
Agility: 55
Dexterity: 38


Special Skills
Race Change
Growth Assistance
Language Comprehension
Analytic Eyes
A part Dragon
Dragon’s body reinforcement

Reincarnated Person
Peculiar Person
One who conceals the power
The person who transcends the law of nature
The strongest endangered species

What’s this ability improvement… !!
I overlooked the body reinforcement after changing into a dragonewt.
It’s probably because of that.
Also the number of titles has increased, what’s with this amazing title.

This is definitely not dragonewt, but Dragonewt-sama.

Rei understood after looking at the board.
The man fell down with considerable impact and fainted.

I thought that he was just pretending, but his eyes were white.

Quite disgusting.

“Did I overdo it?”

Rei returns to human form while muttering.
Rei’s body got wrapped in a ray of light, then his hands and feet returned to his original form.

Soon the light settles and Rei returns to human form.
The curious spectators glued their eyes on Rei, but Rei went to Ani without minding it.

“Are you okay, dad?”

Ani is stunned with his mouth open, not knowing what just happened before him.
After seeing that, Rei pulls Ani’s shirt and says.

“There is no need to answer because I will drag you if I have to.”

This is bad.

Rei dragged Ani to a place without people.

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