Chapter 12

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Rei dragged Ani to a deserted alley.
Ani is trying to understand what just happened, but he’s still stunned.

Rei calls Ani with a louder voice.

“Father! Please answer me~!”
“If you do not reply, I will tickle you!”

There is no reply, the tickle attack is inevitable.

After Rei thought that, he started tickling Ani’s abdomen with both of his hands.

“…… Hiyahahahaha!!! Rei what is going on yahahaha!”
“You have finally returned back…”

Rei separates both his hands and looks at Ani who is still laughing.
After the tickling stopped Ani took a deep breath and talked to Rei.

“… Rei, what just happened back then… ?”
“It was just as you saw it. I have defeated the big guy.”
“Well, that was that strange boy… huh, after he defeated him, I’m sure that he…”

What happened after? Ani tries to think with question marks floating above his head.

“Yes, that was me.”
“… No, how do you explain that beastman boy before that.”
“I’m saying that was me.”

A brief silence was born among Ani and Rei.
Then, Ani asks a question to break the silence.

“… Will you explain first?”
“Yes… I understand.”

Rei hesitated for a bit.

To tell the truth, I’m torn.
If wrong people get to know of this ability, terrible things may happen.
It may also affect dad and mom.
It would be really bad if it got known because of carelessness.
But I feel like I can tell dad about it.
It’s just a feeling, but oh well.

The problem is that I don’t know how much I can say…

“First, I will explain my special skill so please listen well. I won’t say it twice.”
“O, ou… I understand.”
“Then let me begin. One of the special skills I have is the one you saw just a moment before.”
“I saw it before?”
“Yes, you saw that beastman and a dragonewt right?”
“That’s right… Are you saying that all that was you, Rei… ?”
“Yes, that is my skill.”

Rei tells Ani while hesitating a little.
When Ani hears that he got stunned again but returns back immediately.

“… Rei, what exactly are you?”
“That’s rude, I’m Reirus Raminating… for now.”
“For now?”
“Ah, it’s nothing. I will continue the explanation.”

Rei resumed the explanation while decepting Ani a little.

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