Chapter 13

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Coming home after preparing the follow-up.
“~~ That’s my ability.”

Rei explained Ani his special skills while including some little lies.

That reminds me that dad was driven out of the appraisal room.

By the way, I only told him about Race Change and Analytic Eyes, I told him that I still don’t understand what my other two special skills are.

After finishing the explanation in about 10 minutes, Ani then talks to Rei.

“… Give me a little time to think.”
“Yes, of course.”

Ani was lost in thought for a while.
In the meantime, Rei looked for a solution to the issue that needed to be settled.
That is, how to calm Ari who is angrily waiting at home.

At this rate, dad will without a doubt be killed by mom.
Mainly in jealousy.
However, from the situation a while ago, it seems that dad wasn’t women hunting…

While Rei was thinking about the solution to the problem, Ani opened his mouth.

“… Can I ask you one thing, Rei?”
“What is it?”

Rei decided to answer seriously no matter what the question would be.
Ani’s expression suddenly turned serious.

“… You, with this Race Change you really can change into other species right?”
“Yeah, that’s correct.”
“Then, are you perhaps able to change your gender too?”
“… I can.”
“… Then, tomorrow change in a beastman daughter, my daughter.”
“No way.”

Rei shots down Ani in an instant.

My previous thoughts, correction.
He was hunting women after all, this father of mine.

Ani speaks to Rei while looking down.

“Can I say something? Mom is turning into a demon back at home.”
“That anger of Ari, I have experienced it many times!”

How many times, you womanizer.

“Beaten half-dead would be better than returning home.”
“… Last time, I almost died!”
“By the way, a vein was smiling on mom’s forehead since this morning.”
“… Th, then it will be okay~”
“Imagine what would happen if I told her that I caught you while women hunting~”
“U, unfair… !”

After hearing Rei’s last sentence Ani started crying and prostrated before Rei.

“I ask you, please follow-up!!”

Hey, to prostrate before your son… miserable.
But as I expected.

“Then, please swear that you won’t reveal my ability to anyone. I would be troubled if you would spill the beans.”
“Are you okay with just this!!”
“Yes, I don’t lie.”

In any case, I don’t want to see half of my home collapsing.
Well, I would like to see a little bloodshed though.

After thinking so, Rei says to Ani.

“Well, let’s return. I will follow-up as much as I can.”
“Rei, you are the best son!!”

Rei left the alley with Ani and they went home together.

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