Chapter 20

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And calamity occurs
Rei and Lelia moved from yard to a back alley.
Lelia stared at Rei with her red burning eyes and started talking.

“…… How did you notice my true identity?”
“Eeh! Teacher is hiding something!?”

Rei responds in a singing manner.
Lelia grasps her waist tightly with her right hand.

“Do you think it’s a good idea to lie?”

Rei continues without noticing the subtle bloodthirstiness awaking in Lelia.

“Are you threating me?”
“Yes, in a sense.”

At that moment, Lelia releases a hit of bloodthirstiness towards Rei.
As expected, Rei noticed and shoot backward instantly.

“What are you doing, I didn’t show any hostility towards you yet.”
“Oh well, finding out my true identity, you can’t be an ordinary human.”
“I’m telling you I don’t know anythingーー”

At that moment, Lelia disappeared from Rei’s sight.
Rei panics, but soon Lelia’s voice can be heard from behind.

“You are good, lying to me, you are brave.”
“Eh, let’s settle this peacefully?”
“If this can be settled peacefully depends on you, Rei.”

Lelia moves in front of Rei, Rei stares at her calmly.

If they fight now, it would be a reckless battle without any chance to win.
I don’t want to die yet, I have yet to become popular.

Rei talks after thinking such.

“… I was aware of it.”
“Honesty is the best.”
“Alright, then I’m going home to take a little break.”
“Do not try to escape.”

Lelia restrains Rei who was trying to go away.
Rei who lost an opportunity to escape asks Lelia while looking bitter.

“Today’s class was good, can I return home now?”
“Definitely not, if I let you return, I will be fired for sure.”
“I don’t think so… Probably.”
“Absolutely not, I will be definitely fired.”
“That depends on Lelia-san’s circumstances.”

Rei tries to escape again while saying that.
However, Lelia quickly moves in front of Rei as she was expecting it.

“I told you to stop trying to escape right? If you try to escape again, you will have to say goodbye to some parts of your body.”
“Ugh… There’s no helping it, I understand. I will talk until the end.”

I shouldn’t try finding out her real identity~.
Rei stares at Lelia while showing slight desperation.

Lelia begins questioning Rei.

“First, how did you notice?”
“Because I have this little skill”
“Such a small child has a judgment skill…?!”

No, it’s not judgment, but analysis.

“By the way, how old are you?”
“4 and a bit.”
“Why such a small kid could uncover my real nature so easily!?”

If you add my previous life I would be 21 years old.

“I said it was an accident.”
“That can’t be true, to use judgment on me and uncover my true identity…!”
“It was an accident.”
“Then, do you know what I’m called?”
“Maniac, Dog of Sorrowーーー”

Rei covers his mouth, realizing that he accidentally slipped.

Bad! If I anger her by calling her Dog of Sorrow, I will be killed!
I have to keep the mood up or I will be killed!

Rei impatiently talks to Lelia.

“Rei-kun you… You know my two secret names.”
“Tha, that’s true, please don’t be offended!!”

Rei falls down to dogeza while asking for forgiveness.
Lelia looked at Rei grasped his right hand and helped him to stand up slowly.

“Don’t show me such a posture. So far, those who found out of my identity either ran away or attacked me.”

Lelia says in a friendly tone.
Rei hears that Lelia is not angry and speaks.

“Are you not angry?”
“I’m a little angry, but compared to other guys I feel better.”

I’m still better… What the hell were those guys thinking?

“Apart from that, Rei-kun you-”
“Wh, what is it!?”
“You don’t have to be so scared, it’s not like I’m going to eat you or something.”

Looking at panicked Rei, Lelia let’s out a giggle and says.

“Now, I will overlook this only on one condition.”
“Are you serious!?”
“Seriously serious.”

Rei waits for Lelia’s condition expectingly.

Normally one would say not to disclosure the events that happened right…?
Un, without a doubt!

“The condition is to acknowledge me as your tutor.”
“……… Yes?”

Rei is momentarily stunned.

I couldn’t understand… Were these words just my imagination?

“Recognize me as your tutor, understand?”
“Eh… Ah, yes.”
“Well then Rei-kun, let’s return to the yard and continue the lesson?”

Lelia pulls the stunned Rei by his hand after transforming back to her appearance from little while ago.

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