Chapter 21

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“Well then Rei-kun, let’s begin the lesson.”

Rei sighs.
After returning to the yard, Rei and Lelia began the lesson right away.

Ahh, this situation… it’s like holding a dud shell that may explode at any time.
And because I know Lelia-san’s identity I will be probably murdered.

Rei finally understood the reason behind Lelia’s condition.

It is a condition that would let him keep his life.
If I refused that condition, I would be probably killed in that back alley…
At that level and with those crazy skills, there’s nothing an ordinary commoner could do.
Waah… Why had to choose her as my tutor?

“Call me Teacher during the lessons from now on.”
“Is there a meaning?”
“Definitely, after all, I yearned to be called Teacher.”
“So that is the reason you became a tutor, Teacher-san.”
“Just call me Teacher.”

Perhaps there’s a meaning to it… She’s the worst calamity after all.
While I was thinking that, Lelia-san glanced at me… Scary.

“I understand, Teacher.”
“…! Th, the lesson will start now.”

Being called Teacher, Lelia seemed so happy that she repeated what she already said.
Rei pointed that out.

“You said that before.”
“D, doesn’t matter let’s start quickly!”

After answering, the feeling surrounding Lelia seemed serious.
After seeing that, Rei braces himself again.

Although I’m reluctant, she’s still my Teacher.

“First of all, let’s start with fundamental physical training.”
“Ah, that’s okay. I do muscle training so I think I have the fundamentals.”
“Approximately how much did you train?”
“About an hour a day.”
“So much at that age!?”
“If I want to do something, I want to do it right.”
“Then, instead of the basics of fundamentals ーー let’s start with general difficulty fundamentals.”

Wouldn’t you normally start training martial arts at this stage!
How much do you want to make me train fundamentals!?
Rei who couldn’t refute received the fundamental practice reluctantly.

“We are starting from running! Follow me!”
“Answer with vigor!”

And thus the fundamental practice has begun.

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