Chapter 22

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A new Resident
“Alright, the lesson ends!”

Lelia sets the foot in the yard with a casual expression.
Rei runs right behind her but ーーーー

“Haah…… Haah…!!”
“Yes, just a little more! Preserve~!”
“Please… don’t say… that…!”

Rei gets in the garden with slight hypernoea and falls down on the ground.

This, this woman’s physical strength is no joke!
We have been running around the town for about 3 hours since we left the yard!!
And this person is not tired at all!
He, her fundamental specs are too high…!!

“Hey, you will get dirty if you fall here!”

As Lelia says she raises Rei back on feet.

This exercise is too hard for a 4-year-old.
Uggh… Hurry up and let me take a break already.

While thinking such Lelia scolds Rei with a smiling face.

“Hey hey, you know you can’t rest yet? This Teacher sees through your thoughts you know.”

This woman… does she think everything will be all right if she acts cute…?

Rei scowl at Lelia angrily.
Lelia notices the scowl and says to Rei with the same expression as before.

“With that let’s end the fundamental exercise and move to the martial arts next~♪”
“…… Yes.”

This fellow makes me angry.
I want to beat the brains out of this fellow right now.
But if that happened I couldn’t hire a tutor anymore……

“Be firm!”

Rei responds with a loud voice as to not lose to Lelia.

“Can I ask something?”
“A question~?”
Yes, a question.”
“Then ask!”
“How long do you plan to practice today?”
“Oh my, oh my, Rei do you perhaps want to quickly go home?”

The house is right on the other side though.

“No, it’s not like that, just that the day is almost over, will it be okay to continue?”

Lelia was selected as my tutor at noon, the procedure took an hour and we were training for another three hours, it’s already evening.
Mom will have dinner ready in about 30 minutes.

“Rei, dinner!”

See, it’s quicker than I expected, but it’s already dinner time.
Today’s practice ends with this.
Rei looks at Lelia, but there are no changes in her expression.
Lelia speaks in that state.

“… It’s helpless, Rei today’s lesson is over♪”
“Yes, see you again tomorrow.”

Rei quickly puts Lelia aside and returns home.
However, Lelia’s smiling expression didn’t change from a while ago.

“Why did you push me?”
“Because I want you to return home quickly.”
“To guide me, you are so kind Rei.”
“Wa, guide?”

I can’t be her guide, because I don’t know anything of her houーー

“Ah, I did not tell you?”

I came to an agreement with Ari-san when signing the contract」

“That’s why I was able to obtain a wage, food, clothing, and shelter!”
“…… I understand the payment, but food, clothing, and shelter?”
“Just like that Rei, from today I will be living with you in your house.”

…… Yes???

“…… Yes???”

Rei who was shocked let from his mouth the same thing he was thinking.

While not knowing what to do, Lelia opened the door.

“Indeed. From today I’m your new family member!”

Rei who tries to understand asks Lelia.

“Umm… Basically, while receiving a wage, you also get to live in my house??”

Rei stares at Lelia in amazement.

Such… such…
I won’t allow such fellow to live in our house!!!!!!

Rei thought while almost crying.

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