Chapter 19

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True colors
“Well then, Rei-kun. Best regards!”
“Yes, my pleasure!”

Rei answers Lelia in loud voice.
After Lelia was hired as Rei’s official tutor, they were both currently standing in Rei home’s yard.

“It may be too quick, but I’d like to start the lesson immediately!”
“Rei, from today you are my student, you will call me teacher and in return acquire power which exceeds mine!”

Rei greets his new teach while observing her with Analytic Eyes at the same moment.

It’s in order to determine if she’s worth calling teacher.

Lelia Garde
LV 172
HP 1027/1027
MP 120/120
Strength: 247
Agility: 301
Dexterity: 227

– Taijutsu LV 52
– Muscle reinforcement LV 23
– Agility Enhancement LV 34
– Dexterity Enhancement LV 17

Special Skills
– Maniac (Only on the days of Crescent Moon)
– Transformation (Cancels when concentration breaks off)

– Calamity
– Mad dog of sorrow

A huge cheater, yes.
Also, Calamity is written in titles…

Apparently, my tutor is a person with some ridiculous circumstances.

Well… Should I uncover her real identity?
I can’t concentrate on training without knowing her real identity.
The transformation is canceled when concentration breaks off, should I try tickling?

Rei approaches Lelia without being discovered and starts tickling her stomach.

“Hiya!? Re, Rei wha… What are you doing!!?”
“Nothing, just being slightly mischievous.”
“Pla, playing pranks on your teacher hiya hahaha hahaha!!!!”

Rei tickles Lelia with all his might.
Because the transformation is still not undone he keeps tickling, soon after a light starts coming out of Lelia’s body.

“Ple, please no more… No… Nooo!!”

Strong light starts emitting from Lelia’s body while she shouts.
When the light settles a girl of a different figure appears.

Beautiful white almost transparent body with pink lips.
However her hair and eyes so red it almost seems to be burning.
Lelia body shrinks to a smaller size, similar size to Ari’s.

“That can’t be… !”

The Lelia-san from earlier was already a beauty, but this girl far surpasses her.
Furthermore… surprisingly on Lelia-san a pair of cute cat ears appeared and on the butt a long and narrow tail.
A matchless cat girl beauty.
Rei stares at Lelia while thinking so.

Lelia turns to look at her own hair color and starts speaking in panic.

“Eh, the transformation came off!?”
“What? A transformation?”

Rei listens and purposely comes near to Lelia.

“No, no way did you plan this!?”
“That’s not true~, I was just a little curious about Lelia-san’s identity.”

Lelia is completely speechless.
Lelia opens her mouth after a few minutes have passed.

“Let’s go to a place without unwanted attention, Rei.”
“Alright, please tell me about your circumstances, Lelia-san.”

Lelia and Rei began to move to a place without public attention.

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