Chapter 18

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“Hmm… This person is bad too.”

Rei says while folding his arms.
Ari and Rei are currently in the guild selecting the home tutor.

You can make any request in the guild.
The number of home tutors is high so a lot of people have gathered for our request.
Rei is looking for a person who teaches mainly taijutsu, but most of them were macho uncles so he turned down all of them.

I mean everyone would turn down macho uncle, right?
If you can choose of course your home tutor would be a beautiful woman!!

While shouting in his mind, another person comes up (man).
By the way, the line to Ari and Rei goes even outside of the guild.

“Hello, nice to-”
“Ah, you can return.”
“So quick!!”

Rei sends the man out even before he finished his greetings.
The reason being that person would surely say “Hello, nice to muscle you!”.

Is it common sense to add muscle in every sentence?
If such guy became my tutor, my spring surely wouldn’t come.
Therefore, it’s necessary to choose carefully.

When Rei thinks such, Ari speaks to him.

“Mom, please add the condition of everyone except man.”
“…… Only man can teach you the basics of taijutsu.”
“So it is okay for your son to become a musclehead?”
“… I understand, wait a little.”

After Ari imagined Rei speaking muscle in every sentence, she quickly got up and hastily walked towards the reception.
Soon after, when Ari returned Rei confirmed that the request has been changed and spoke to the people lined up.

“From now on, men who are lined up can now leave~!”

When Rei told the people lined up, they started to talk amongst themselves.
Majority of the line has disappeared with the man, only women were presently lined up.

So few women tutors!
But, it’s taijutsu we are talking about so it should be normal.

When Rei thinks such, a person begins her self-introduction.

“Wa, nice to meet you! I’m Lelia Garde!”

Rei stares at the tutor who introduced herself.
Her appearance is beautiful, the only weakness is her height.
Other than that she is a beauty.
However, some unnatural bulge comes between her hair, but I won’t mind it for now.

Rei talks to Lelia while observing her.

“Lelia-san, are you able to teach me taijutsu?”
“I think this person will be a good home tutor, Mom!!”

She’s beautiful and looks kind.
I want to keep her as my home tutor by all means.

While hearing Rei’s thoughts, Ari looked little bewildered, but she nodded her head.

“… Understood, follow me.”
“Ah, yes!”

After saying that, Ari takes Lelia to the reception.

Well, I look forward to this.

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